Toronto Green Beauty Expert


Sourced exclusively from Canada


My name is Maria Velve, a certified make-up artist and green beauty expert on a mission to:

Connect you with clean and effective products made right here in Canada, and Teach you how to use them in a way that makes you feel fresh, confident and – most importantly – like yourself.

I do this through makeup consultations, lessons and application in Toronto (and beyond) an online shop where you’ll find a curated selection of my favourite make-up and self-care products and tons of free resources and reviews.

All of the products I use, recommend and sell are made in Canada from natural (and often local) ingredients – some using recipes passed down through generations. I recommend only those I’ve thoroughly researched, tested and fallen in love with.


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Green Beauty Expert in Toronto

How to clean up your beauty products in 5 Simple Steps

Every 4 months or so, it's a good habit to look into your makeup drawer and do a bit of a clean up. In this video, I'm going to show you step-by-step how to 1) read expiration dates and symbols, 2) how to smell, look and touch your products, 3) how to clean dry, cakey products, 4) how to clean your containers and wash your brushes and 5) what to do with expired products and containers.

Click here to download the free video!