Meet Maria

Maria Velve is a passionate certified makeup artist and green beauty expert who believes what you put on your skin should leave you looking and feeling like you, only better. Described as an “educator and an artist” by her clients, Maria loves teaching what she preaches and inspiring women to take their beauty into their own hands.

As a busy woman and mother of two, Maria understands how difficult it is to dedicate time for self-care and beauty rituals. Shopping for products which are clean and effective can also seem like a daunting task and get expensive quickly while one is trying to figure what works and what doesn’t. Maria teaches her clients how to choose clean products that work but won’t break the bank. She also loves teaching makeup tips and tricks that can help boost confidence because they are ‘doable’ despite your makeup skill level.

Maria has a Makeup Artistry diploma from Blanche MacDonald Centre in Vancouver, and has worked with makeup and skincare in retail, spa and on independent film sets in Vancouver and Toronto.

When she’s not researching or shopping for clean beauty products, Maria teaches college level ESL, does yoga or spends time with her husband and two little boys.

My Philosophy

As a busy woman, part-time professor and mama of two, I understand how difficult it is to start your day trying to tackle a million things AND to top it off, having to look ‘presentable’. We want to look and feel like a million bucks, but the realities of life rarely allow for that.  Our self-care usually goes out the window to allow time for everything else that we squeeze into our day.  

I’m a big believer in self-care because I know how amazing it feels when I start and finish my day with a short ritual in front of the bathroom mirror.  It’s also my belief that we shouldn’t fill our lives with complicated sets of skincare and hoards of makeup.  The products we choose to use should fill our senses and make our skin feel nourished, polished, and satisfied with less.  It’s about choosing products that might give us the confidence to step out the door without makeup a few times a week or maybe with a couple of products that were applied in a few minutes.  It’s about products that really feel good on and are simple to use.  

We’re in a time when we care about the products we buy.  We’re more demanding and knowledgeable than ever; we want clean ingredients that work and products that are ethically made.  We want to support locally-made, but we want to still want to experience that sense of luxury.  Don’t be blinded by a shiny jar, a high price tag or a young model.   The sense of luxury I’m talking about can only be achieved by a product that feels luxurious on because it feeds our skin with nutrient-dense natural ingredients.   A product that’s made with passion; clean, rich ingredients; transparency; honourable intentions, and a desire to deliver a truly beautiful product.

I like knowing who makes my skincare and what goes in it. Don’t you?  

My pledge to you

  • To bring you the best in Canadian makeup and skincare from coast to coast; made from individuals who I’ve met in person with names like Jess, Graydon, Melanie and Candace
  • To provide you with the most up-to-date information on ingredients in Canadian skincare and makeup brands
  • To be transparent with what works and what does not based on personal testing and research done on these brands
  • To give you foolproof advice, tips and techniques that will make you feel good about what you are applying and how you are applying it