Easy Anti-Aging Skin Care Routine Evening


Easy Anti-Aging Skin Care Routine Evening

Easy Anti-Aging Skincare Routine in the Evening

Hi everyone. It’s Maria here, makeup artists, and green beauty expert. Welcome to my bathroom today. I want to go over the anti-aging skincare routine that I do in the morning and in the evening with you. So pretty much my concerns as I am in my early forties are wrinkles. I have a very expressive forehead.

Okay. So, deepening of wrinkles is one concern. And then, of course, some sunspots would be another concern. You know, I always use Canadian products, but I have started, you know, dabbling with some more active products with clinical results. These would be the products from the ordinary.

Some. Go through which ones I use.  Of course, I use them in combination with my more natural green Canadian products. So, I’m going to go through my evening routine first and remove this makeup that I have on today.

They are two completely different things.

So, what happens at night with an anti-aging skincare routine? The products I put at night are not the products that are going on my face in the morning. So, let’s do it. Okay. So, it’s early in the evening now, and I want to remove this makeup that I’ve been wearing today.   so I want to remove it usually what I love to do in the evening as I removed my makeup with an oil cleanser.

So today I’m going to use Helena Lane’s Mandarin and Common Well cleanser. This cleanser smells amazing. It has minimalist ingredients. It’s a hundred percent organic. So the way I like to use my oil cleanser is by first steaming the face, and then kind of allowing the oil cleanser to penetrate deeper.

After the pores are open, it actually removes all impurities. Some people will take the, uh, you know, the oil cleanser and just put it straight onto their skin without having, uh, uh, dampen. But I really, really love it. Steaming the face. I think giving it a bit of steam is very, very healthy. You can do this in a few different ways.

Fill up your sink with some hot water, drop, a couple of drops of eucalyptus in there.

You know, put a towel over your head and just breathe in and let that steam five minutes or just take a face cloth. I would prefer dry, dark face clothes. Get it nice and warm. And then just press it onto your face.

I find this section to be very relaxing for the facial muscles.

Then you’re going to dip into your oil cleanser with a little spatula. These products, a lot of these old cleansers are waterless. So you don’t want to be adding any water with your hands. So it’s going to take a good amount. I have a lot of makeup on today.

I’m going to massage it into my hands. And then I’m just going start with the eyes.

Really nice massage. Don’t forget your neck, your eyebrows, your forehead.

Of course, the mascara, which is going to be the most stubborn. So just very, very gently massage or you don’t want to be breaking off of the eyelashes. Steam on the face. Cloth helps soften up the mascara and that’s it. It’s another reason why I really like doing this team.

Okay. Now, this oil cleanser is full of amazing, uh, butter nourishing ingredients for your skin. So you could actually leave it on like this and go and watch Netflix or check your email, do something and give these oils something to penetrate. Sometimes I like to do the back of my hands and just leaving the oils on there, especially if I have any excess.

Okay. And after you leave it on for about 10 minutes, go back in warmups your facecloth, and take it all off.

Be very gentle with the face.

If you have something that’s microfiber, that would be good to use too.

Oh, okay. There we go. And the makeup is off now. Now, if you wanted to do a deeper cleanse,   maybe once or twice a week, you could go in and use a foam cleanser as a dermal, makes a beautiful one, or you can use a milk cleanser. You can use a lighter type of cleanser and do a deeper cleanse. I’m not going to do that today.

I’m happy with just my one oil cleanser. Now that my face is cleansed, I’m going to go in and I’m going to give it a nice mist. I’m going to use the Helena lame nourishing Rose and frankincense facial missile, which is one of my favorites.

The reason I like to do this is that I will add a lot of hydration on the skin. I want to dampen the skin up again. And then I’m going to go in with the nourishing, uh, Rose and frankincense hyaluronic serum. Now, this is water so I’m going to put it on first and usually one little squirt is all you need.

Hyaluronic Acid carries about a thousand times its weight in hydration.

So seriously, once your face is down, you can just spray that stuff. Don’t forget your neck and your chest here. I’m not going to wait around for all of this to absorb. Okay. I’m just going to tap it in and I’m just going to follow up with my next product.

This is the retinol product that I started using. I’m not that far into it. You can see, but I’ve been using it for a few weeks now and I’m very happy with it. So this is the retinol 0.5 in squirrel lane by the ordinary. And I do feel that when I apply it and I, you know, wake up the next morning that I noticed a difference with, you know, the lines are being minimized on my forehead.

So before this hyaluronic serum is completely absorbed, it’s going to add a couple of drops of this, and I’m just going to press it into my skin, focusing on the areas that I am starting to see. Those deeper lines. And that would be, you know, like around the eyes, although crow’s feet, not so bad, perhaps lines or between the eyebrows, I would say.

Don’t forget your neck. If you are concerned with creepiness and lines when the neck.

Of course the top of your chest. Now, this retinal product is best used at night. Please use it at night because it does make you sensitive to the sun.   in the daytime, of course, you should be wearing sunscreen regardless.   but the book says, right, apply a small amount on the face in the PM as part of your skincare regimen.

And you do this after water-based products, but you do it before anything heavier. So I’ve done the oil and kind of pressed it into my skin. You will see that it actually, it’s not too, too greasy. It absorbs really, really quickly. This is a water-free solution, right? So that’s useful. Like it’s like a rich oil.

So do not use it with any other retinoid treatments. So check the rest of your products in the evening. Make sure you’re not using another product that cream or something like that with retinol. And then you have to avoid unprotected solar exposure. But so far I really love this product. And I mean, look at my skin. I’m not even wearing foundation right now.

Final Thoughts of my Easy Anti-Aging Skin Care Routine for the Evening

Extremely happy with this product. And then, if I felt like I needed a bit more, I would go in with my Helen Elaine nourishing. Cream with a Rose and frankincense. And where did I put my spatula on my goodness? Here it is. Okay. So I would go in again, waterless product.

You just got to take a tiny, tiny amount of this because these are very dense and concentrated and you’re just going to warm it up between your hands. The scent of these just divides the Rose and frankincense and just a tiny bit. Any excess can go into the back of your hands, including the red? No.

Okay. And then just give your skin a nice massage, your jaw, external on your ears, you know, especially where we get really tight and just be gentle. Do a tiny bit of influ flu Raj, always upwards, especially where you don’t want the wrinkles to kind of droop around the eyes.

There you heard that is my evening anti-aging routine, part 2 of my two-part tutorial. If you want to see my morning routine, please see this blog.

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