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3 factors to consider in chemical sunscreen ingredients

Our number one goal when shopping for a sunscreen is to protect our skin and our children’s skin from the sun’s harmful rays.  Exposure to UV rays is the main factor that causes skin cells to become cancer cells, so a good sunscreen is a-must for everyone who spends time outdoors in the summer. However did you know that many of the active ingredients found in chemical sunscreens are harmful to our health and skin?

How many skin care products do you really need?

How many skincare products do you need? Now, that’s a good question! A recent beauty article from a distinguished magazine stated that our skin only needs a “good” cleanser, moisturizer and SPF to thrive. I agree that these three products are the workhorses of our skin care, but I think answering the above question is a bit more complicated for some of us. Understanding our skin and what it faces daily, can shed some light on what it needs.

5 Ways To Fight Dark Circles (And Puffiness) Naturally

Many of us struggle with darkness (and often puffiness) under our eyes which can age us, make us look tired or worse, ill.  Dark circles can be seen on both men and women and are difficult to get rid of or at least improve; expensive serums which promise to work often leave us disappointed.  There are numerous causes to dark circles and because of that it can be a challenge to pinpoint exactly what causes them but also how to treat them.

Why You Must Colour Correct Before Concealer

Using a colour corrector is essential before using your concealer if you want your makeup application to look flawless. I know you’re probably thinking, “Gee another product to add on?” However, if like me you have highly pigmented hereditary under-eye circles, you will truly appreciate what a colour corrector can do for your eyes and other areas of your face that might need colour-correcting for redness, dark spots, or dullness.

5 Ways To Give Your Skin A Break This Holiday Season

The holidays are here! During this busy, stressful and indulgent time of year, it’s always a good reminder to take some time to take care of yourself.  I have several suggestions on my blog on how to take care of your skin now that the weather has gotten cooler, and I could remind you that you are what you eat and that it’ll show on your skin.  However, I also know that it’s hard to cut back on anything this time of year because most of us celebrate by getting together with our loved ones and eating, eating and eating some more!

If you haven’t tried cosmetic acupuncture, you’re missing out!

I’m always up for trying something new if it’s going to be good for me and my skin.  Last week, I booked myself for a cosmetic acupuncture treatment.  What’s the reason you ask?  I’ve been doing some reading about it and it seems that the benefits to the skin are many.  I’ve been feeling tired lately and feel that my face is showing it.  Although the condition of my skin is great – no breakouts, minimal fine lines and even tone – I feel that I’m losing volume and vitality. 

5 Oils That Truly Benefit Your Skin

I’m a big believer in the power of oils. Last week, I did a Facebook Live on the beauty of oil cleansing. This week, I focused on 5 other ways to integrate oils into your beauty regimen. If you haven’t watched this video, I know you’ll definitely take something useful away from it. Oils are all the rage right now. Some of us have already jumped on this bandwagon (me!) and some of us might still be skeptical. I’m a true believer that finding the right oil can do wonders for your skin.

What’s Hiding In Your Facial Cleanser

Have you ever read the ingredients on your facial cleanser? Yes, the one that gives you squeaky clean skin. Reading ingredient labels has become a sort of obsession for me lately. Every time I find myself in a skin care aisle, I pull out my phone and start photographing the front and back labels of skin care products. Yup. Pretty exciting stuff, huh? What intrigues me the most is comparing the front label – the smart marketing that actually makes me think that this product is good for my skin – to the actual ingredients on the back label.