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Gentle Skincare for Acne Prone Skin

One thing about acne is that it is always going to rear its ugly head. And when it does, anyone can be affected no matter of age or gender. Acne comes in many forms: blackheads, pimples, whiteheads, hormonal acne, cystic acne, backne, and even in recent years, maskne. However, with the right gentle skincare for acne prone skin, your skin can start…

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Why your skin needs natural Retinol

Retinol is one of the most talked about anti-aging ingredients and for a good reason! Also known as vitamin A, retinol can repair and rejuvenate the skin beautifully. However, not everyone can use the conventional vitamin A products that are found on many cosmetic store shelves.  This is why natural retinol products…

Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Mineral Sunscreen

Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Mineral Sunscreen

With spring rolling in and people heading out on vacation (finally!), it’s especially important that you are wearing sunscreen everyday. However, nobody wants to wear sunscreen that they don’t like the feel of, is out of their budget or for a million other reasons personal to you. It is therefore crucial that you find a sunscreen…

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The Best Green Tips for Curly Hair

When it comes to caring for curly hair, it can be difficult to find products that cooperate with your curls. It can be especially difficult to find great, green brands that you feel safe using. I have found some products that I want to share with you…

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Best anti-aging essential oils for the skin

There is no better time than the new year to look into improving things when it comes to your health and your skin. If the on-going pandemic has taken a toll on you leaving you looking tired and older overnight (you’re not alone!), you might be looking for new ways to look fresher. I’m going to give you a few simple tips on the best anti-aging essential oils to your daily skincare routine…

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How to choose the best facial serum

One question I frequently get from my clients is about the differences between oil serums and water serums.  “Which one is best for my skin?” This is an important question, but can be confusing to answer with so many products on the market! In this blog, I want to help you understand the difference between water serums and oil serums in order to guide you to find the best facial serum for your skin. Oil serums and water serums do different things for the skin, and they target different concerns. Identifying the best facial serum for your skin’s needs can …

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3 steps to bright eyes

My biggest daily struggle when I have to get my face ready for work is my eyes.  How do I make them look brighter, and appear more rested? Of course, the best remedy would be a good night’s sleep, but sometimes that’s easier said than done! When it comes to making our eyes look bright,  unfortunately for many of us it’s not a single-product-fix. Darkness around the eye area can be hereditary and not easily “fixed” with sleep or an expensive eye cream.  In this article, I share with you 3 steps to bright eyes that you can easily do …

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My Favourite Mineral Sunscreen

With the weather warming up, it’s really important to have a good mineral sunscreen that can work well with or without makeup.  Sunscreen like many cosmetic products can be very personal in terms of texture, finish, and smell.  When it comes to mineral sunscreen, the white cast left behind by the zinc oxide and titanium dioxide can scare people off.  For this reason, women spend a lot of time and money trying to find their favourite mineral sunscreen.  A good sunscreen needs to protect you from the sun’s harmful rays but also feel great on your skin. Have a look …

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5 Ways To Give Your Skin A Break This Holiday Season

The holidays are here! During this busy, stressful and indulgent time of year, it’s always a good reminder to take some time to take care of yourself.  I have several suggestions on my blog on how to take care of your skin now that the weather has gotten cooler, and I could remind you that you are what you eat and that it’ll show on your skin.  However, I also know that it’s hard to cut back on anything this time of year because most of us celebrate by getting together with our loved ones and eating, eating and eating some more!