Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Mineral Sunscreen

Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Mineral Sunscreen

With spring rolling in and people heading out on vacation (finally!), it’s especially important that you are wearing sunscreen everyday. However, nobody wants to wear sunscreen that they don’t like the feel of, is out of their budget or for a million other reasons personal to you. It is therefore crucial that you find a sunscreen…

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The Best Green Tips for Curly Hair

When it comes to caring for curly hair, it can be difficult to find products that cooperate with your curls. It can be especially difficult to find great, green brands that you feel safe using. I have found some products that I want to share with you…

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Best anti-aging essential oils for the skin

There is no better time than the new year to look into improving things when it comes to your health and your skin. If the on-going pandemic has taken a toll on you leaving you looking tired and older overnight (you’re not alone!), you might be looking for new ways to look fresher. I’m going to give you a few simple tips on the best anti-aging essential oils to your daily skincare routine…

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3 steps to bright eyes

My biggest daily struggle when I have to get my face ready for work is my eyes.  How do I make them look brighter, and appear more rested? Of course, the best remedy would be a good night’s sleep, but sometimes that’s easier said than done! When it comes to making our eyes look bright,  unfortunately for many of us it’s not a single-product-fix. Darkness around the eye area can be hereditary and not easily “fixed” with sleep or an expensive eye cream.  In this article, I share with you 3 steps to bright eyes that you can easily do …

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5 Ways To Give Your Skin A Break This Holiday Season

The holidays are here! During this busy, stressful and indulgent time of year, it’s always a good reminder to take some time to take care of yourself.  I have several suggestions on my blog on how to take care of your skin now that the weather has gotten cooler, and I could remind you that you are what you eat and that it’ll show on your skin.  However, I also know that it’s hard to cut back on anything this time of year because most of us celebrate by getting together with our loved ones and eating, eating and eating some more!

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Fighting Mask Acne in 3 Simple Steps

Welcome to fall! Pumpkin Spiced everything, backpacks and pencils, leaves changing colour. The beginning of every new season brings with it changes all around including in our skincare regimen.  This fall is extra special because our skincare regimen changes have to consider the changes in our skin from prolonged use of face masks.  These skin changes are known as mask acne or “Maskne”.   Normally, this is a month of excitement – for parents and kids – returning to school routines from a couple of months off for summer.  This year, we all know is a little different. Whether you’ve decided …

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What’s with the Fake Glow?

Have you ever wondered why “the glow trend” in beauty is so strong? Glowing makeup products and skin are everywhere these days and the fact that its summertime doesn’t seem to matter. I always thought skin naturally glows in the summer, but that’s just me.  The “glow” fever I’m talking about goes beyond your basic highlighting powder and bronzer. It’s the entire face – forehead, bow of lips, chin, cheekbones. This is created through strobing (illuminating strategic spots on your face to give your skin a bright and healthy look), and highlighting and contouring to change the face’s appearance – …

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3 Hydration Tips to Help Improve Your Skin

In winter and summer – really, any time of the year, adequate hydration is of utmost importance both internally and externally for your body and skin. “Drink more water” has become a phrase you’ve probably heard a million times. Our bodies, being made of 60% water, need enough of it to keep all systems running. Water intake is just as important for your skin as it is for overall body function.  Dehydration on the skin makes us look older; wrinkles are accentuated and the skin lacks vitality and plumpness.  Our skin needs water both internally and externally to thrive, so …

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What can we learn from K-Beauty rituals?

K-Beauty, by definition, is an umbrella term for skincare products and rituals that are derived from South Korea. As someone who lived in South Korea for four years in my teaching days, I can tell you that beauty over there is visible and felt. In  Korea, something as simple as showering after the gym becomes a little luxury. Most of us here at home would take a towel, soap, and lotion to the shower and off we’d go. Korean women shower with a carton of milk – meaning they rinse their bodies with milk as their final rinse – this …

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3 Factors to Consider in Sunscreen Ingredients

When shopping for sunscreen, the #1 goal is to protect our skin and our children’s skin from the sun’s harmful rays. Exposure to UV rays is the main factor that causes skin cells to become cancer cells, so a good sunscreen is a-must for everyone who spends time outdoors in the summer.  Both chemical (aka synthetic and conventional)sunscreen ingredients and mineral (aka physical) ingredients protect from the sun’s harmful rays.  However, did you know that many chemical sunscreen ingredients are harmful because they’re unstable when exposed to sunlight? They also mess with our hormones and offer no other benefit to …