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How many skin care products do you really need?

How many skincare products do you need? Now, that’s a good question! A recent beauty article from a distinguished magazine stated that our skin only needs a “good” cleanser, moisturizer and SPF to thrive. I agree that these three products are the workhorses of our skin care, but I think answering the above question is a bit more complicated for some of us. Understanding our skin and what it faces daily, can shed some light on what it needs.

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5 Ways To Fight Dark Circles (And Puffiness) Naturally

Many of us struggle with darkness (and often puffiness) under our eyes which can age us, make us look tired or worse, ill.  Dark circles can be seen on both men and women and are difficult to get rid of or at least improve; expensive serums which promise to work often leave us disappointed.  There are numerous causes to dark circles and because of that it can be a challenge to pinpoint exactly what causes them but also how to treat them.

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Why You Must Colour Correct Before Concealer

Using a colour corrector is essential before using your concealer if you want your makeup application to look flawless. I know you’re probably thinking, “Gee another product to add on?” However, if like me you have highly pigmented hereditary under-eye circles, you will truly appreciate what a colour corrector can do for your eyes and other areas of your face that might need colour-correcting for redness, dark spots, or dullness.

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Experience the Benefits of Cosmetic Acupuncture

The benefits of cosmetic acupuncture to the skin have been listed by many so I decided that it was time I took the plunge. I’ve been very tired lately and can feel my face showing it.  Although the condition of my skin is great, I can see that’s it’s lacking vitality and gravity is slowly taking its toll. In this blog I share the details of my first cosmetic acupuncture experience with you. It is a deeply relaxing experience and the results are immediately visible on the skin!

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Do you know what’s in your facial cleanser?

Have you ever read the ingredients on your facial cleanser? Yes, the one that gives you squeaky clean skin. Reading ingredient labels has become a sort of obsession for me lately. Every time I find myself in a skin care aisle, I pull out my phone and start photographing the front and back labels of skin care products. Yup. Pretty exciting stuff, huh? What intrigues me the most is comparing the front label – the smart marketing that actually makes me think that this product is good for my skin – to the actual ingredients on the back label.

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What my mom taught me about beauty

In honour of Mother’s Day this weekend, I’m writing about my mom and the beauty product she used that started my obsession with makeup – a shimmery peacock green eye shadow. As a little girl, I was fascinated by my mother getting ready to go out. Whether it was to work or to shop, my mom always looked like a million bucks. She had all three of us girls before she turned 30, so I still remember the whistles from passing cars – typical of Mediterranean countries – as she walked down the street with us in tow.

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6 Steps To Clean Your Makeup Drawer

With the arrival of spring, cleaning becomes a priority around our house. The longer spring days and warmer weather make all the dust, fingerprints, and unkempt backyards all that more obvious. But, what about cleaning out our makeup and skin care drawer? The stuff we put on our faces deserves the same attention as the rest of our house. I would even dare to say that the advice I give you might be even more important (this stuff is going on our skin, eyes, mouth!) and should be done several times a year.

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Beauty From The Inside Out!

It seems that a lot of the products on the shelves these days are working overtime. Prime and conceal, conceal and correct, prep, correct, conceal and moisturize…and oh don’t forget the SPF! The jobs that today’s beauty products tackle have become multifarious! It seems that we’re constantly looking for that one miracle multi-purpose product no matter how elusive it may seem.