How “green” is your green beauty packaging?

How “green” is your green beauty packaging? Most conversations about green beauty do not include packaging at all. But how can we consider a product “green” when the package ends in the landfill after the product is done? In this video, I show you how to choose products in packaging that’s reusable and recyclable. If you want to shop my green product selections, head over to my shop.

How to conceal correctly with Pure Anada

Eye concealers are essential if you want to look bright-eyed and awake in the morning.  There are various application methods out there, but I want to show you the easiest way to use eye concealer correctly.  In this video, I use Pure Anada concealers and talk a little about each.  I also show you how to colour correct before you conceal in order to cover my dark circles. For more video tutorials check out my site! My favourite Pure Anada concealer is the Liquid Concealer which is Cosmos certified organic concealer.  Because this was a new product for me at …