Easy Anti-Aging Skincare Routine Morning

This is the second part of my anti-aging skincare routine. I use all-Canadian skincare products – both clinical formulations and organic natural ingredients – like The Ordinary and Helena Lane Skincare.

Products used for my am skincare routine:














Easy Anti-Aging Skincare Routine Morning

Easy Anti-Aging Skincare Routine – Morning

Hi everyone. It’s Maria. Welcome back to part two of my anti-aging skincare routine. So this morning I woke up and I went out for a brief jog. I came back, had a shower and I’m going to start my skincare routine. I’ve mentioned in other videos that I did not wash my face in the morning, other than what hits me in the shower, the water hits me in the shower.

What I like to use:

Then after that, what I like to do the way that I like to wake up my skin is I’m using a toner. Now I’m completely addicted to it. The toners or flower waters I have. So many of them, I just use them as I please. What does my skin feel like today?

So, um, I’m really enjoying the Belmont Cleanser. This is a gentle, invigorating face cleanser. I know it looks like a toner, but this is actually, um, Apple cider vinegar. So this would be fantastic for any of you that really. Want to kind of take a cotton pad and remove everything. If you get a little bit oilier, this would be good.

Witch Hazel would also be amazing, make sure that you do have oily or combination skin. Witch Hazel has astringent qualities, despite the fact that a lot of them are alcohol-free. At the same time, they do have astringent property, so they can actually dry out the areas that are already dry.

So just make sure you keep it in the T zone. And if you’re only, you know, keep it on your oily areas. Now the Apple cider vinegar, this one here has filtered water. It has, um, organic Apple cider vinegar. It also has a Rosewater and it’s a rose flower. I love Alovera juice, um, and has a little bit of lavender essential oil.

This is fantastic. I really, really like it. And I use it a lot in the morning. Um, you know, as I’m always feeling lazy and I do not wash my face, but it’s not only for lazy reasons still. So the fact that I really don’t think our face needs to be washed in the morning. So I think we are over washing our face and stripping the oils.

This is a refreshing and firming formula and you can definitely feel it. Um, it’s made with glacial mineral extracts. It has about 60 minerals from here, rare elements from this site. So all their skincare is made with glacial mineral extracts. It also has hyaluronic acid, which I really love because you can really kind of feel it plumping everything.

The Process

So I grabbed a couple of these two little things. Give it a little shake and I just kind of like to soak my face. Now this is going to look a little bit ridiculous, but I really do like waking up my skin and, you know, sometimes I do shower, take a bath at night, which means I’m not going to be showering in the morning.

My face is not getting any water in the morning. Right. So this is how I wake myself up. So I scored a bunch of this and then I kind of just, I kind of just rub it in. It feels really lovely. Almost July mild in the sand. And I kind of just like to smooth this all over my face.

Don’t forget your neck. And then after I’ve done that, and I’ve walked in up the skin a little massage to get everything, to absorb. And then I just go in with a couple of these and just remove it.

Ensure you Clear your Skin from the old product in the first steps

Okay. Perfect. And it’s a good thing I did because there is a little bit of residual. Product, right. So you want to take off your evening product. So now my skin seriously feels nice and plump, right? And then I can continue with the rest of the skincare. Now with another thing that I’ve been using lately, and this is kind of a recent addition is I’ve been dabbling with, um, vitamin C and I’ve been using the vitamin C suspension 23%.

Plastic is hello, Reineke aspect. I said spheres 2%. So the reason I chose this one is that it feels like a cream. And, um, so I’ll show you, it has kind of this type of consistency. Um, very, very light. This is, um, cruelty-free it’s um, you have no oil. It has no water. It has no silicones. And the reason I chose this one is because, um, this one contains a very, very fine powder of your ascorbic acid.

The most potent dose of vitamin C that you can give your skin is with this powder.

All right. So that’s what he contains in here. Very, very fine. So of course you can actually, you can actually feel a tiny bit gritty as you’re applying it, but it’s not too, too bad. And, uh, what I like is that you can actually mix it in with another yeah.

On antioxidant or another product. If you’re using another cream, you can actually dilute a little bit to kind of take away the greediness and the sensitivity that you might feel when you first start using vitamin C. So what I like to do is I put a tiny bit, um, in my hand and you don’t need a lot.

A drop of this, that should be enough. And then I take the, um, there is very droll and for Willick acid and this is an antioxidant, so it boosts vitamin C and I do a couple of drops of that in there. I mix everything together and then I applied it to my skin. So yeah, this can feel a tiny bit greedy when you first apply it.

But I really like it, and I’ve seen a noticeable difference in my skin. Antioxidants help with blue hair, radical damage on the skin, environmental damage as well. Um, they’re brightening. So I’ve definitely noticed a difference in my skin. So I kind of just rub it in and you know what, today didn’t feel greedy at all, but a lot of vitamin C is super expensive.

SPF – cannot forget the SPF daily

So I really liked that. This is actually Silicon free and I’m not so much into silicones. I don’t like using them on my skin with anything I use. So, yeah. So I’ve been using this and I really, really like it. Now, after this, you need to follow up with your SPF and SPF is definitely a must. You are going to be going outside at some point, and we are getting into the type of spring weather that actually.

The sun can be really strong without us realizing it. So you’re definitely going to put in some SPF. I’ve been using the Cocoon reflector SPF 30 on my face, and I really, really like it. This one has a lot of nice stuff in it, so I’m not going to use a moisturizer. So make sure that your SPF is actually giving something back to your skin other than just the SPF.

I’ve done a blog about SPF and 3 factors in considering sunscreen ingredients.  If you are going to be wearing makeup, you need to layer other products with SPF on top of your SPF. Because the SPF ratings have been rated as such when the product is only on the skin on its own, it’s not meant to be diluted or covered up with anything else.

If you can actually see kind of the thin layer over speaking to your skin.

Bring it down to your neck and then, you know, this one blends in really nicely and there’s no white film. So I have a couple of, um, foundations that I use are ms. Mac flawless foundation and the. Uh, pure and not as smooth and concealed liquid foundations, both of these are beautiful. This one is completely waterless.

If you are only in this one gives you a little bit more of that oily good stuff. However, none of these actually have SPF. So if you are going to be putting foundation on top of your skin, I’m not going to be doing that today. It’s really nice to go in and follow up with a mineral powder. Ignore the big palette, they do come in smaller sizes.

Next steps – actual make up

So what I’m going to use today, because I don’t want to wear liquid foundation. I’m not doing anything that needs to, that. I am going to go in with a mineral foundation. Now this one here. So I’m going to use the light. This one here is by pure nada, and it is a mineral foundation and press foundation.

However, if you apply it with a fluffy brush, you can actually just be a light dusting of powder. If you’re playing with a Kabuki Brushy can be heavier if you are going to be wearing a liquid foundation without SPF. You need to be following up with something like this in order to keep the SPF up for the day. Even for touch-ups.

I’m going to use this and you can see how amazing it is right away. Especially around the eye. I have one, I have a lot of discoloration. So huge difference from one eye to the other, and then you would just apply it in kind of circular, but down downwards strokes. You would apply this all over your face and then you are upping your SPF.

Beautiful kind of glaring in with this. And the more that you kind of circle downwards, the more you’re buffing it. Okay. So if you are going to be wearing foundation. Make sure it has SPF, but if you’re going to be putting it on top of your SPF cream and then throughout the day, you’re not going to apply more foundation.

And you probably don’t apply your SPF cream on top of your foundation. So try and get a mineral powder that you can carry in your purse, make sure it has your zinc oxide and your titanium dioxide. And then that can actually keep up your SPF for the day, especially if you’re going to be outside.

That is my anti-aging morning routine.


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