How to Fight Mask Acne in 3 Easy Steps

Wearing masks for prolonged periods of time due to the COVID-19 virus can result in Mask Acne (MASKNE)! Yes, it’s a thing – just like backne – and many people are currently suffering from it. I cover this also in my blog – click the link to read more.

In this video, I show you how to protect, cleanse, and fight acne under your mask in 3 simple steps.

Products used:

To protect the skin

  1. Pure shea butter – we love this one for the whole family 
  2. Helena Lane moisturizers – waterless, rich, and perfect for nourishing and protecting the skin

To cleanse the skin

  1. Zyderma Foaming Wash 
  2. Zyderma Konjac Sponge 
  3. Helena Lane Red Western Cedar and Lemon Oil Cleanser 
  4. Graydon Aloe Milk Cleanser

To fight bacteria

  1. Zyderma Clarifying Cream 


How to fight MASK ACNE in 3 easy steps

Hi everyone. It’s Maria here, makeup artists, and green beauty expert. We’ll come back to my channel into another video today. I’m going to talk about mask me. Yes. It’s quickly becoming a real thing. It is a real thing. So it’s kind of like, you’ve heard of bacne. Well, there’s no mask money. So I’m going to talk a little bit about how to protect your skin and how to kind of build up its defense system and fight back because we are wearing those masks for prolonged hours of time.

So if you want to get these tips, please keep watching. Okay. So first of all, if you are going into work, in a lot of places and including the city I live in, it is now a bylaw and it’s mandatory to be wearing the mask. If you go into any business establishments or anywhere indoors, you’re, you have to wear these masks.

and if you are outdoors, you have to wear it. If you’re not able to be. Within, you know, a two meter, distance from other people now because we are wearing the masks, a long time, they’re actually creating problems for the skin. The reason for that is that when you’re wearing the mask, okay, it’s doing a few different things when you’re wearing it.

First of all. It creates friction. So, you know, as we’re talking, your jaw is moving up and down, so it may be rubbing up here on the nose. It may be robbing being, you know, on the chin or along the cheek. So anywhere, you know, where there’s friction with the skin, you might be noticing irritation. And if you have rosacea or acne, or, you know, excema, you might be noticing that those conditions now.

Are becoming worse. So the second thing is that when you’re wearing the mask for prolonged periods of time, you’re actually creating kind of a hot moist environment under the mask. And that is like a breeding ground for microorganisms and bacteria. So you’re speaking into the mask, your breath, everything that kind of comes out and it sounds kind of pretty gross, but it gets trapped under there.

Okay, it gets trapped under the mask. So your skin in this area here, right? It’s not actually breathing and it’s not the error in there is not circulating. So it’s kind of trapping everything in, on, in this  like moist, environment. So, there are a few different things that you can do. I’m going to give you three different tips.

One is how to protect, cleanse, and to kind of fight if you are noticing this acne appearing, you know, when your jawline or, along your nose. So the first thing that you need to do is you need to protect the skin before you wear a mask. This is kind of like. When you go outside and it’s minus 20, you’re building a layer of product onto the skin to prepare it for going outside.

You know, when my little one, you know, was taking swimming lessons and he does have Excema, I was told that I have to protect his skin by coding him, you know, in a kind of, I don’t know, the local cool Nova Vaseline, petroleum jelly. You know, of course it’s going to work. Fueled this whole, green beauty passion of mine.

But the idea remains the same. You need an occlusive and what I need by, I mean, by that is that you need to use a thicker moisturizer, a thicker product to actually kind of create a barrier between your skin and the mask. Now it can be very simple. It can be a simple as using a shear butter. All right.

Or it can be just as simple as, you know, using a nice thick moisturizer. Okay. So these are the moisturizers and they are water free. So they are, they create a beautiful. Occlusive barrier on the skin now, I don’t mean that the skin doesn’t breathe, but it kind of creates a protective coating on the skin.

Now there’s going to be a lot of people telling you, you know, to use this product and such and such and product. And, you know, there’s lots of information out there in this product cost a lot of money, but seriously, shea butter can work if that’s what you have at home or invest in. A reasonably priced, thicker moisturizer, you know, like the Helena Elaine moisturizers are cream, contain mango, sea butter, whole bowl, oil Rose, hip seabuckthorn.

So these are all fantastic for the skin. They’re protective nourishing. So that’s going to be very helpful before you put this on. Okay. The one thing, well kind of in the protect area is your lips. So if you are going to be wearing a mask, you’re talking under the mask, you’re not wearing the products that you might have been wearing underneath the mask.

And even something like lipstick, you know, that lipsticks, especially in the natural, you know, beauty field, they do contain like butters. Nice oils. So they do provide nourishment protection for your lips. Now, if you’re not wearing these products, your lips may be, can feel a bit neglected. So make sure that you’re protecting the lips and nourishing them when you’re not wearing the mask.

So you’re going to be doing that the night before, or like, you know, every night before you go to bed, actually again, you could apply something like shea butter. Or a rich moisturizer of your choice, even something like avocado oil can work. and it’s very easy to create, a little lip mask by mixing a bit of avocado and honey putting it on your lips to kind of get it, to heal get them to heal if they are.

Super dry and, chapped. And you can also use just oil of your choice. It can be olive oil, something like that. Now this is going to happen before you wear the mask, right? Because all of these things are going to kind of smear on the other side of the mask. So you need to be proactive with protecting these areas.

And then of course, when you’re wearing your mask, and lip balm and nourishing lip balm will do all right. Now, the second thing is cleansing the area. So because everything is getting trapped under the mask, the skincare routine that you’re doing when you remove the mask is of utmost importance. Okay?

So you need to give your skin a good cleanse because it’s not breathing and things are getting trapped under there. Your bores may be getting clogged, so you need to use. And light cleanser. You can use a foam cleanser such as the one by Zy Derma. Yeah. This is a very, very gentle foaming cleanser and, it will remove all impurities, but without stripping your skin.

All right. The other thing that you could do is you could pair up an oil cleanser. With a foam cleanser, right? Or a gel cleanser or another lighter cleanser that you have at home. So by using an oil cleanser and a second cleanser, you’re giving your skin a double cleanse. You don’t have to do that every day.

I know it can be, you know, quite a task, but you can do that two or three times a week just to give your skin, your skin a deeper cleanse the other way too. Give your skin, a deeper cleanse without using a double product would be to bring in a cognac sponge. So something like this, this is the coin expunged by say, Derma it’s handmade in South Korea, and it really boosts the power of your cleanser.

So, whereas, you know, your cleanser would be used with your fingers. Now, the minute you bring in a cognac sponge that gives an exfoliating, you know, power or effect to your cleanser. So now. The cleansing will become, deeper than before. All right. And of course you can focus on the areas that are of concern, you know, like around the nose or anywhere else, that you might find that you have, you’re breaking out now.

These are super gentle and when they’re wet, they’re very, very soft. So, but just always be, you know, mindful of the areas that are sensitive. You don’t want to be ever scrubbing or being too rough with these areas. You want those areas to heal first. If they are, you know, irritated and then you can go in with product to kind of maintain that.

All right. So that was the cleanse to, to fight back. You need to use a product that will help fight the bacteria under the mask. And that is like, you want to continue a section of that happening while you are wearing the mask. You know, I would definitely recommend not using a foundation or makeup under the, under the mask is just going to create a big mess, you know, as you can see, I’ve done that myself.

All right. So, if you know your. Under eye circles are of concern, kind of keep the makeup very minimal because all the product that struck under there is not helping the situation. So to fight back a product like this, Zy Derma clarifying cream is the best. This is the product that I have found in the green beauty industry that actually fights bacteria and helps create a healthier skin biome.

So what makes this product different is that it contains micro, silver and micro. Silver is an antibacterial ingredient and it helps continuously to fight bacteria as long as the product is on. So the way it does that is, you know, of course, it’s the micro, silver is transported of stress boarded onto the skin with the cream, but then when the cream gets absorbed into the skin, it leaves the silver ions behind.

Now, those are actually. You know, fighting and helping to clear your skin as long as they’re on there until the evening when you come home and actually remove the product and wash your skin. Okay. It’s the only product, that has this qualities that I have found in the green beauty industry. It contains about six ingredients.

Okay. And, you know, if you’re using anything harsh, like salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide, you should not be using this product with those ingredients. So this would be a, you know, a product that you could help your skin kind of create a healthier skin biome. This product can, is super light. It can be used.

Under your moisturizer, but you know, just make sure that the product goes on and it’s well absorbed before you apply your, before you applied the mask, another tip would be, you know, keep multiple masks on hand as the mask gets dirty. I know, you know, you want to be washing it and replacing it with a cleaner mask.

Also think about what are you washing your mask in? Are you using harsh detergents that are centered? If you’re doing that now, all of that stuff is on the mask and you’re breathing it in and it’s,you know, trapping everything and it’s also rubbing on your skin. So all those detergents that you’re washing your clothes when with can definitely come into play right now.

Especially when these, you know, fabric. That was never on our face before is now suddenly on our face for hours at a time. Okay, definitely protective healing oils can work as well. These can also kind of create, you know, an occlusive barrier. Just make sure that you’re layering your skincare and letting it absorb before you’re putting on your mask.

Stay minimal with the makeup and remember to protect. Cleanse and create a defense system for your skin crew, put on something that is going to fight the bacteria. And it’s going to kind of fight those Marco microorganisms that are now trapped in the moist environment and kind of like living under the mask.

All right. I’m gonna pop everything. All the products in the description below you can, of course find them in my shop. If you haven’t joined my mailing list, please do so on my website. And you can get 10% off if your first order when you were signing up and please, and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel, hit the little bell.

So you’re notified next time that I put up a video. All right. Thank you so much for watching everyone. I’ll catch you next time. Bye.

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