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Switch to Green Beauty in 3 Easy Steps

Making the switch to clean, green beauty is something that consumers are doing more now than ever before. The green beauty industry is increasing at a faster rate than fashion because of this –  at a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 9.4% between 2019-2025 to be exact! From beauty stores like The Detox Market specializing solely on “cleaner” products to Sephora’s recent addition of Clean at Sephora, the options of green beauty products are abundant.  You will not find “green beauty in 3 easy steps” at these establishments.

If you’ve been successful at cutting through the industry noise and switched over to green products, you’re ahead of most consumers.  For many, making the switch is mind-boggling because of the overwhelming number of products available and marketing ploys of various brands.  So, how do you switch to green beauty without the overwhelm? Here are some tips on how to switch to green beauty in 3 easy steps: 

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1) Making the switch – why YOU should 

Why not? Everyone seems to be doing it!

True. However, knowing the reasons why you want to make the switch will help guide your purchasing decisions.  Most consumers want to switch to cleaner products with non-toxic ingredients for health reasons.  This is the biggest “why” because really who wants to rub harmful ingredients into their skin?

As a consumer, you’re more educated on ingredients today than ever before.  You take the time to read ingredient labels and look up ingredients on EWG’s database Skin Deep.  You want to know what you’re putting on your skin, period. 

However, besides the “clean” ingredients, you may also be a conscious consumer eager to reduce packaging in your household and your local landfill.  Beauty products whether green or conventional come in containers and sadly, many of these containers are not recyclable. 

Airless pumps, for example, contain a mixture of materials, and taking them apart is a hassle. Trust me. I’ve tried.  Plastic containers that display the recycling symbols are often not recycled because they’re not the “right” type of plastic. So, ask yourself this question: What’s important to me about making the switch to green beauty? If you can answer this, I promise that you’ll gravitate towards products that align with your values.  

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2) How do you get started?

Part of the overwhelm that you might be feeling as a consumer is that there are too many products out there.  It’s mind-boggling just trying to sort through the greenwashing, the products that work well, and the products that you actually need!

You can be spending a lot of money just trying to figure all this out meanwhile your purchases are collecting in your bathroom cabinet.  The best way to switch over without feeling overwhelmed is by bringing in new products ONLY when you’ve finished what you have on hand. You need to create space and appreciation for new, cleaner products – your focus should be on quality and not quantity.  

  1. Swap out products that are running out.  If your facial cleanser is running low, look for a cleaner product to purchase next. 
  2. Check the expiration dates on your old products because those might need to be replaced, too. You might have a forgotten SPF lotion in your cabinet that you haven’t used in months.  Open and smell your products and if they’ve turned, dispose of them. 
  3. Lastly, pass on any products that don’t serve you.  You might have made an impulsive purchase of a product your skin wasn’t happy with.  Pass it on to a friend who would be happy to use it up. 

Sort all this out first, so you can notice and appreciate how wonderful cleaner products feel on your skin.

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3) Which green beauty products do I switch out first?

An excellent question!

The easiest way to make the switch to green beauty without the overwhelm is by starting out with a product that’s easy to switch to like soap.  Soap is an everyday product that is easily accessible and you can wrap your head around. Even your local bulk foods retailer is likely to have a natural soap option like castile soap.  Buy a product without SLS or synthetic fragrance, fill up the pumps around the house, and see how it goes. 

If all goes well, do the same for your body soap.  Switching out the bigger “real estate” items – those that are used on the larger areas of your body – ensures that toxic ingredients from conventional products are limited to smaller areas of your body.

So yes, it’s ok to keep your favorite conventional eye shadow  – for now.  Products that go on your face where the skin is thinner are absorbed faster.  Aim to change your face cream, foundation, and anything else in your beauty bag which covers your entire face as you get more comfortable with initial green beauty product purchases.  

When you start to feel overwhelmed by finding the right product – remember your reasons  for doing this!

You need to keep the reasons why you’re making the switch at heart and make the best possible choices for you.  What is important to you? Price? Recyclable containers? Clean ingredients? Vegan? Refillable? It’s a lot to think about and it can feel overwhelming, but taking the time and simplifying the process will help you ensure you are making the decisions that fit your needs.  If you need a full product overhaul, check out this video to help you with expiration labels, brush cleansing, and more! 

If you want to have a chat to sort any of this out and get some product recommendations, I offer virtual consultations. I’d love to help you work through some of these questions, so you can get your hands on products that you will be happy with.  If you are ready to switch some of your products to something cleaner, my website offers clean options for makeup and skincare that won’t break the bank.  All products have been selected and curated for ingredients and where possible for packaging as well. My goal is to help you make the switch to green beauty, truly, in as little as three steps.

Remember, there are a plethora of choices out there.  You can make the switch and keep it simple for you, your needs, your goals, and the ingredients you know will work for you. I’m always here to help – only an email or comment away.  Finally if you’ve already made the switch (yay you!), please share this blog with someone who you know will benefit from it during their transition to cleaner products.  Thank you for being here and for reading!

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