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Experience the Benefits of Cosmetic Acupuncture

The benefits of cosmetic acupuncture

I’m always up for trying something new if it’s going to be good for me and my skin.  Last week, I booked myself for my first cosmetic acupuncture treatment.  What’s the reason you ask?  I’ve been doing some reading about it and it seems that the benefits of cosmetic acupuncture to the skin are many.  I’ve been feeling tired lately and feel that my face is showing it.  Although the condition of my skin is great – no breakouts, minimal fine lines and even tone – I feel that I’m losing volume and vitality.  I know these are the “perks” that come with age, but I want to take care of my skin in the best way possible.  I believe in the power of acupuncture as it’s helped me greatly in the past with other health concerns.

I chose Fang Wang’s clinic at 237 Christie Avenue in Toronto because Fang Wang holds an MA in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture and is a member of the faculty of the Ontario College of Traditional Chinese medicine. She also holds a diploma in aesthetics. Fang trains other practitioners in cosmetic acupuncture and also teaches at the Ontario College of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  The clinic and Fang have raving online reviews.

Top 5 benefits of cosmetic acupuncture and how my treatment achieved each of these:

1) Increased circulation of the skin – things get a bit sluggish in this department as we age, so increasing circulation helps bring more nutrients, such as collagen and elastin, back to the face and neck.

My appointment lasted for about an hour, and during the entire hour something wonderful was happening to my face. My treatment started out with a light massage using a cleansing milk.  The therapist’s hands felt amazing on my face and just when I thought it didn’t get any better, she brought out facial stone rollers.  These are very popular for personal use and massaging skincare products on the face for better absorption; they felt amazing! All movements were done in the opposite direction of gravity and were rhythmic and deliberate.   This facial massage lasted for about 15 minutes and it was very relaxing. Talk about bringing blood to the face and we hadn’t even gotten to the needles!

2) Increased circulation = better skin tone – fewer fine lines and some lift for sagging skin and baggy eyes.

The needles that were inserted to my face were undetectable!  I could feel how experienced Fang is by this action alone.  The needles were placed on my face, ears, forehead, top of head, feet and belly.  Fang told me, “Beauty begins here” as she placed the needles in my abdominal area.  The next thirty minutes or so were pure bliss.  I went into a deep state of relaxation and stillness; somewhere between awareness and sleep.  I was left alone in the quiet room and it felt as if I was melting into the warmed bed. After the needles were removed, my face was cleansed and massaged for a long time once again and a light moisturizer was applied.  I noticed a visible difference with the puffiness around my eyes later that night when I was in front of the bathroom mirror preparing for bed.  Using mechanical manipulation such as massage on the face can help the lymph system move fluid up to 10 times faster than it normally does hence the visible difference with the puffiness. It is recommended that one goes in for cosmetic acupuncture treatments once or twice a week for about five weeks, but some results can be immediate.  Maintenance after that would be once a month.

3) Additional health benefits – beauty is linked to overall health, so the acupuncturist will address other concerns, too.

Upon arrival at the clinic, I was asked to fill out a health form.  Fang went through it with me in the treatment room.  She asked me about my sleep and dreams. “What sleep? What dreams?”, I said. I explained to her that my little one wakes up me every night when he comes in our bed; my sleep is always disturbed.   She asked me to open my mouth and checked the colour of my tongue.  I didn’t ask her what she saw, but in Chinese medicine the tongue is like a map that shows what’s going on in the rest of your body.  I already know I could be eating better and sleeping longer.  The placement point of the needle on top of my head that I mentioned earlier is called Baihui or DU 20. It has a calming effect and is great if you’re under stress, suffer from anxiety and irregular sleep patterns. Check and check with that one. Fang really took the time to understand how the cosmetic acupuncture treatment could benefit not just my skin but my overall health as well.

4) A great way to de-stress

I have not felt that relaxed in a long time.  The face is one area of the body that most of us never have massaged.  I massage my skincare products into my face twice a day; however, to have a professional touch your face and massage it in a way that’s beneficial is deeply relaxing.  Acupuncture increases the release of endorphins, which means patients feel mellow and less stressed after the treatment.  I felt like I was floating for the rest of the evening; I felt calm and had an amazing deep sleep that night.

5) It’s safe, there’s no downtime and it’s affordable

In light of all the different anti-aging treatments out there that a woman can invest in (fillers, Botox, acid peels), cosmetic acupuncture is safe.  There is a slight risk of bruising but I’ve never experienced anything like this with any acupuncture treatments I’ve done in the past.  If you decide to give cosmetic acupuncture a try, you can have it done at any time and then go on with your day while glowing and feeling relaxed. No hiding, no waiting.  The treatment was $120 (many facials cost more than this) and if you have acupuncture on your health insurance, you’ll be covered since the clinic provides receipts for their treatments.

I’m very excited to be sharing the benefits of cosmetic acupuncture and my first experience with you! I cannot say enough about my experience with cosmetic acupuncture and the treatment I received at Fang Wang’s clinic.  If you’re curious or have any questions, drop me a line! Then, go book yourself a treatment and experience it for yourself.



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