How “green” is your green beauty packaging?

How “green” is your green beauty packaging? Most conversations about green beauty do not include packaging at all. But how can we consider a product to be “green” when the package ends in the landfill after the product is done? In this video, I show you how to choose products in packaging that’s reusable and recyclable.

green beauty packaging

One way to cut back on packaging is to use less products. Check out this blog post about how many products you actually need. Reassessing what you’re currently using is always good practice.  If you’re just starting your clean beauty journey, you might want to consider visiting David Suzuki’s site, the Dirty Dozen Cosmetic Chemicals to Avoid.

If you want to shop my green product selections, head over to Green Beauty Curator. I have curated over 20 Canadian clean beauty brands from coast to coast which pay attention to their ingredients and packaging!

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