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Virtual Makeup Lessons in Toronto

Whether you want to take a greener approach to your makeup routine or need help putting together a look for a certain purpose (hello Zoom meetings!), I can help you achieve it – from the comfort and safety of your own home.

Green Beauty Virtual Makeup Lessons are 60 minutes long and take place via Zoom. By the end of your appointment, you will: 

  • Have your makeup done (by you with my guidance and instruction)
  • Know exactly how to do it again and again
  • Have a recording you can go back to for reference if/as necessary
  • Have specific green product recommendations if desired

… all for a one-time investment of $150 CAD (tax included)

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  1. Purchase and schedule your consultation here.

  2. Complete the onboarding questionnaire – which includes a summary of the products you have on hand, to give me an idea of what we’re working with (anything goes – green or conventional)

  3. Click the Zoom link provided at our designated time – with a clean face and your makeup (and brushes, etc.) in front of you – ready to spend a fun and informative hour with me!

  4. Receive a link to your consult recording via email for future reference – plus a 10% discount code to use at my store should you wish to purchase any recommended products directly from me (which there is no pressure to do!)
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The green beauty difference

Despite what the multi-billion dollar cosmetics industry would like you to believe, it's absolutely possible to look and feel great using a handful of natural products made with non-toxic ingredients - and I’m here to show you the way.

My name is Maria Velve, a certified make-up artist and green beauty expert on a mission to connect you with clean and effective Canadian products and teach you how to use them in a way that makes you feel fresh, confident, and – most importantly – like yourself.

As a busy entrepreneur and mom of two, I understand the importance of solutions that fit both your lifestyle and your budget. My goal is to provide you with simple advice, tips, and techniques - based on your comfort level, skin type, goals, and lifestyle – in a friendly, warm, and approachable way.


… to check ‘figure out makeup’ off your to-do list, once and for all? In just one hour, a Green Beauty Makeup Lesson will provide the personalized advice and instruction you need to:

  • Achieve the look you want without feeling overwhelmed
  • Be able to DIY your makeup routine with confidence
  • Say goodbye to guesswork and ‘cookie cutter’ tutorials
  • Reduce your toxic load (if you’ve been using conventional products until now)
  • Support local/Canadian
  • Select and purchase green products with confidence (if desired)
  • Feel perfectly you when you ‘put on your face’
I'm In!


Below are the questions we hear most often regarding Green Beauty Makeup Lessons. If you’re wondering something we haven’t answered here, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Q: I’m skeptical that I’ll be able to follow your instructions properly – how does it all work?!

A: I can completely understand that! But I can assure you that you will be fine! In fact my goal is to make sure you do not feel overwhelmed. The lesson – and my instructions – will be tailored to your skill and comfort level and my instructions will be clear and simple – I promise! 

Q: Will there be a big sales pitch?

A: Absolutely not. If you are happy with the products you have, we’ll work with them and won’t even discuss alternatives. That said, if you would like my advice regarding natural makeup products I will happily make recommendations. 

Q: Do you always recommend the same product and/or lines? 

A: No – because not every line is suited to every person. I carry a carefully curated and vetted selection of Canadian brands from which I will select the right product for you – or provide you with a few suitable options to choose from yourself. I’ll never recommend something that isn’t a fit based on your needs, skin type and/or preferences (for example, I would never recommend a rose-scented product if you hate the smell of rose!)

Q: How long is the lesson? 

A: One hour – which is typically more than adequate. That said, if you think you need longer – or want to combine a makeup consultation with a skincare consultation – please feel free to reach out for a customized appointment.