Oia Skin Anti-Wrinkle Patches Review

Oia Skin Anti-Wrinkle patches REVIEW

Hi there. It’s Maria here, a makeup artist and green beauty expert. This is my Oia skin anti-wrinkle patches review.  I recently tried the product and loved it. Last night, I used the patch across the forehead and another two patches on the corners of the eyes. I have to tell you, I was blown away this morning!

What was I blown away by?

I was blown away by how much smoother my forehead was. I suffer from a very expressive forehead and the patches definitely smoothed that area out. So what are the Oia patches? Well, they are made with a hundred percent medical-grade silicone, and the fact that I have comes in seven different sizes, which are versatile enough to use on a variety of body areas.

How do they work?

Using silicone on the skin helps to plump the skin by drawing moisture to the surface. There is nothing in the patch that makes it do that. It’s the cocooning of the skin with the product that does it. When the Oia Anti-Wrinkle patches are attached to the skin, they form a microclimate between the patch and the skin, ultimately creating an occlusion effect on your skin. The occlusion effect minimizes water loss from your skin. The smaller patches can be removed piece by piece and applied to cleansed skin. The larger pieces cover larger areas like your chest. These are perfect if you’re a side sleeper. Here’s the link to my YouTube video if you’d like to see them in action.

Oia Anti Wrinkle Patches on Maria Velve

How do you prep the skin prior to application?

You definitely want to clean your skin and apply a bit of moisturizer prior to use. I would recommend oil-free products before the Oia anti-wrinkle patches application, so they don’t slip off your skin.  Think of applying of a light watery serum instead of a thicker oilier one.  If you have a hard time choosing serums in general, here’s a blog I wrote about that.  A gel moisturizer that’s quickly absorbed, like Graydon’s Phyto Clear, has the perfect texture.  You need to let the product absorb well and then proceed with the Oia patches of your choice.

Oia Anti Wrinkle Patches application

How do you apply the Oia Anti-Wrinkle patches to your skin?

Now that the skin is prepped, my first step is to choose the strip I want and remove it from its backing. I find it’s easier to work with a larger strip the first time. The forehead strip is a good one because it’s a good size and doesn’t feel as flimsy as the smaller ones.  It’s a great strip if you have deep forehead lines and 11 lines.  I start by sticking it to the center and then smooth it out towards the edges. Make sure there are no air pockets between your skin and the patch.  In the summer,  I keep my Oia patches in the fridge, so they feel nice and cool. There are definitely times when we want our face to feel so cool.

After the forehead patch is on,  I like to repeat the steps with the smaller Oia patches.  The smaller ones are very versatile. You can apply them under the eyes, corners of the eyes, corners of the mouth and so on.  As you can see in the video, I put mine them on the corners of the eyes. This is where I’m starting to see some crow’s feet developing, so it’s important to target these.

How long should you leave them on for?

I found them most beneficial when I slept with them on. For the purposes of my YouTube video and to show you how to apply them, I didn’t leave them on as long.  For deep lines, they didn’t make as much of a difference as when I slept with them on.  If you want to feel refreshed, you can apply them for 30 minutes under the eyes, before going out. For this, I would recommend also chilling them in the fridge.  The cold temperature and the patches together will benefit you more here because you’re not leaving them on as long.

Oia Anti Wrinkle Patches removal

How do you remove them?

Let’s talk about removing these.  You definitely don’t want to yank them off your skin.   The best way is to hold and support the skin with one hand, and gently peel the patch down with the other. You want to return each Oia Anti Wrinkle Patch to its backing because these can be reused up to 15 times. Please take care of them if you want them to last. If they get greasy from your skin or product, rinse them with lukewarm water. Then allow them to dry before returning them to their backing.

If you are curious about Botox, but you are too worried to get it these are a wonderful option.  If invasive treatments are not for you, the Oia Anti-Wrinkle Patches are a cost-effective way to plump up the skin and draw moisture to the surface of the skin.  You can smooth out your expression lines that we get by just repetitive movements throughout the day. But as with everything consistency is key. Wrinkles that took years to form will not go away with one application! Please keep this in mind. Results will vary based on how you use them and how deep your lines already are.  If you need help with a mature skin skincare ritual, please contact me and I will be happy to help you with that.

Final Thoughts on the Oia Skin Anti-Aging Patches…

The skin will feel really soft and smooth after use. As I mentioned above, sleep with them for best results. Repetition is key along with other great skincare products to support your skin needs. I don’t sell these in my shop GreenBeautyCurator.ca but you can use my discount for your order.

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Here’s my video again if you want to see me using them

Thank you for being here! I hope you enjoyed my Oia Anti Wrinkle Patches Review!

Oia Skin Care Patches

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      The only ingredient on these is a silicone adhesive. This would only be problematic if you have an allergy to silicone; you wouldn’t be able to use these. I hope this helps!

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