Oia Skin Anti-Wrinkle Patches Review

Oia Skin Anti-Wrinkle patches REVIEW

Hi there. It’s Maria here, a makeup artist and green beauty expert. And today I want to tell you about these Oia skin anti-wrinkle patches that I recently tried and loved. So, last night I used the patch across the forehead and I use the patch on the corners of the eyes. And I have to tell you, I was blown away this morning.

What was I blown away by?

How much smoother my forehead was. I suffer from this very expressive forehead up here. and the patches definitely smooth that area out. So what are these Oia patches? Well, they are made with a hundred percent medical-grade silicone, and the fact that I have comes in seven different sizes, which are versatile enough to use on all these different body areas.

Let’s get trying the patches…

So using silicone on the skin helps to plump the skin by drawing moisture to the surface. There is nothing in the batch that makes it do that. And so I’m really, really impressed. the smaller patches actually. Can just be removed piece by piece and applied to cleansed skin. So you definitely want to clean your skin, in the evening and apply a bit of moisturizer.

You need to let it absorb well, and I would probably stay away from any oil, these products. So I just removed my first strip from its backing, and this is the forehead strip. And I’m just going to know. Go here and kind of. You know, make sure it’s getting the 11 lines and just kind of smooth it or to my forehead now I’ve kept mine in the fridge, so they feel nice and cool.

There are definitely times when we want our face to feel so cool. So the forehead one is on and what I like to do with the smaller ones is to actually put them on the corners here of the eyes. This is where I’m starting to see some crow’s feet, developing and you know, I’m going to be 44 this fall.

So I’m gonna stick them here and press it down. But you can move these around. I mean, if you are getting more,  little lines underneath, you can, the deep put them underneath, but that’s the area I really need to focus on. And then the other one goes on the other side. And you’re going to leave them on.

You could sleep with them, of course. Or you can leave them on, you know, for half an hour. If you want to feel refreshed, you are not plumping up the skin. Now, other lock crescents shaped ones, they’re going to go to the nasal labial folds. also known as my lines. I’m going to press them on. And one more on the other side.

Also, my pack also came with a neck patch. So I’m going to peel that off from the backing.

And then you’re just gonna put it on your neck area. So they do feel good. I mean, definitely, you feel them being on your skin, but in no way, do they feel uncomfortable? Now my favorite piece, because I am a side sleeper and I’m reaching that age, where I’m seeing some changes happen here on the deck o tash area, is the biggest piece in the pack, which is the chest piece. So, if you are a side sleeper, this one is fantastic because I’m sure if you sleep on your side, you can see the little lines developing. Yeah. You press it and smooth it on again. It’s very, very cooling feels lovely on. So, these are a great alternative.

If you are, you know, curious about Botox, but you are too worried to get it. if you are scared of needles, if invasive treatments are not for you, these are such a cost-effective way to just plump in the skin, drew moisture to the surface of the skin. And, you know, just smooth out those, expression lines that we get by just repetitive movements,  throughout the day.

Take these, let’s take these off, and let’s see the difference here. So if you want, when you remove them, you want to definitely hold the skin and gently peel it down. You want to return each piece to its backing because these can be reused up to 15 times. So you want to take care of them.

Final Thoughts on the Oia Skin Anti-Aging Patches…

The skin here already feels so soft and so smooth. This is my favorite one to remove because the difference is just… Insane. Wow. So amazing.

So soft and so small with, especially the forehead. That is my favorite part. Okay. And then the chest piece, the same thing, hold the skin and gently peel and rinse your patches and just return them to their backing.

Let them dry and then return them to their backing until your next use. And the last piece is the neck. Wow, cool. I forgot to hold on.

Wow. My neck is so soft and so smooth. I absolutely love these. I am amazed at what an amazing first impression for me. Wow. Thank you. ESE skin.

Oia Skin Care Patches

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      The only ingredient on these is a silicone adhesive. This would only be problematic if you have an allergy to silicone; you wouldn’t be able to use these. I hope this helps!

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