Oil Cleansing – Your 1-Step Skincare Ritual!

I’ve talked a lot about the order of products and what to use. I have also discussed the fact that you can have different types of skincare regimens. There are regimens that have three products and regimens that have nine to 10 products.

However, if you’re a mom or business woman, and you’re not getting a lot of sleep. The simple fact is that you’re not gonna be wanting to spend your time on those extra products when you could be actually getting some extra sleep. Which is not gonna do for your skin, right?

So today I’m gonna talk about just cleansing. I’ve also had an exhausting day today, and I just wanna get my makeup off my face and just go to bed.

So you’re gonna cleanse, I think that’s the one thing that I can recommend, the only thing that you’re gonna do when you’re tired, but it’s very important to consider what you’re cleansing with.

Oil cleansing is the most efficient way to clean your skin.  It removes all traces of makeup, grime, and dirt off the skin without stripping it by being too harsh.  Oil cleansing also does not need to be followed by a moisturizer – not all the time anyway.  The oil cleanser can often be moisturizing enough, so you don’t have to follow it with anything else. Shop my for my favourite oil cleansers in my shop.  Oil cleansers are fantastic year-round!

However, if you notice that changes in the weather affect your skin, check out this blog on how to easily transition your skincare for cooler weather.


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Helena Lane Chamomile Mandarin Oil Cleanser


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