Iremia Skincare Review – a soothing lotion, protective cream and restorative oil for sensitive and reactive skin

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Do you suffer from sensitive and reactive skin? Many of us do! As a green beauty expert, I’m always on the look out for clean products that will solve my clients’ skin care woes.  Sensitive and reactive skin can be difficult to manage even with natural skin care products.  This is because many green and natural brands are not the right fit for sensitive and reactive skin.  Natural ingredients, such as certain essential and citrus oils can easily irritate the skin…

Graydon Skincare – The Healing Power Of Plants Captured In A Skincare

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If you live in Toronto, perhaps you’ve heard of Graydon Skincare.  I was lucky enough to come across the brand as I was researching skincare brands in Ontario and then I got even luckier when I got to meet Graydon herself.  I met with Graydon over a cup of warm cocoa-ey drink that she made for me.  As I watched her mix beautiful raw ingredients into a delicious concoction, I knew that this woman knew her stuff! It’s clear that the brand she’s created was created with passion for raw beneficial ingredients and knowledge of the benefits of a plant-based diet that is part of Graydon’s lifestyle.

Pure Anada – Canada’s natural makeup brand

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Do you have a makeup brand you trust for getting the job done and being good for your skin? It seems that satisfying these two needs is essential for most consumers as well as skincare and makeup companies.  As a makeup artist, it’s essential to me that the product does what I want it to do.  I want the pigment in the shadows, the hydration in the lipsticks and the nourishing ingredients in the foundations. Turning 40 last fall, has shifted my focus in what I’m looking for in makeup – I want the good stuff on my skin; a type of a skincare-makeup hybrid.

Sweet Living Co. – Skincare based on old-fashioned values and family recipes

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This company caught my attention because its products were unique to me. I had never tried a cleanser made from grass-fed tallow before, so I had to get my hands on a jar! Based on the oil-cleansing method where like attracts like, the natural oils in the Grapefruit Lavender Cleanser dissolve makeup, dirt, and excess oil. The cleanser is made with grass-fed tallow, cold-pressed castor seed oil, and therapeutic grade organic essential oils and is all whipped up to resemble a white fluffy butter.

Stark Skincare – Skincare for the urban dweller

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The Aurora Balm My first experience with Stark Skincare and its founder, Jess, was at a Green Beauty Pop Up in Toronto. I remember the product I bought that day, a sample size of the Aurora Balm. I knew from the moment I opened the little black jar that I wasn’t looking at a typical skin care product. The Aurora Balm was a rich golden colour with a sweet, earthy and invigorating scent that I couldn’t compare to anything I’d ever smelled. Jess told me that the Aurora Balm is for both cleansing and moisturizing – the minimalist in me …

Wildcraft – Simplicity in skin care is a beautiful thing

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As a green beauty expert, I often come across a green, local brand that I love in its entirety. Wildcraft is one of those brands that makes my minimalist heart sing. Made in small batches in Toronto, Wildcraft creates skincare with simple ingredients in beautiful glass packaging. The company’s collection is not massive; it’s in fact very carefully created. I like the simplicity of the ingredients and the fact that the line does not overwhelm with a multitude of products. Here are the top three reasons I love this local, green brand.