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Graydon Skincare – The Healing Power Of Plants Captured In Skincare

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If you’re a fan of natural beauty brands, chances are you’ve heard of Graydon Skincare.  I was lucky enough to come across the brand as I was researching skincare brands in Ontario and then I got even luckier when I got to meet Graydon herself.  I met with Graydon over a cup of warm cocoa-ey drink that she made for me.  As I watched her mix beautiful raw ingredients into a delicious concoction, I knew that this woman knew her stuff! It’s clear that the brand she’s created was created with passion for raw beneficial ingredients and knowledge of the benefits of a plant-based diet that is part of Graydon’s lifestyle.

“…the focus of my work is to leverage the transformative power of pure plant-based ingredients to create products that are as effective and luxurious as any mainstream luxury brand.” – Graydon

What I love about Graydon Skincare

1)      Family- friendly and gender-neutral – Graydon’s line has everything you need for personal care whether you’re man or a woman.  The line’s clean, modern and gender-neutral coloured packaging attest to that.  Products such as the All Over Face and Body Lotion and All Over Soap and Shampoo can easily live in your bathroom and be used by the whole family.  They also help you cut down on extra products! Why use a separate body soap and shampoo when one product can do both? I know my husband would NOT use a separate face cream and would NOT come near mine (although I don’t think my products smell girly) because he considers that to be my skincare.  He does ask me for body lotion though from time to time.  The All Over Face and Body Lotion is infused with rosemary, lavender and blood orange smells fresh and is a family-friendly choice for all over moisture.

2)      Nutrient-dense and easily-absorbed ingredients – Graydon Skincare is made in Canada with mostly Canadian ingredients such as broccoli from the Fraser Valley and cranberry from northern Quebec. Manuka honey, which has anti-inflammatory properties, comes from New Zealand and rosewater from fair-trade farmers in India. I absolutely love the company’s philosophy of feeding your skin as you would feed your body.  See a full list of ingredients used in Graydon Skincare here.

“Our strategy is to fuel the body through the skin using bio-available ingredients like you’d put in your breakfast bowl (think superfoods like broccoli, berries, chia and avocado) so you will not need a science degree to read our full disclosure ingredient lists.” – Graydon

3)      Clean airless pumps – Graydon Skincare uses the airless pump as their choice of packaging.  The airless pump keeps skincare products clean from the constant dipping of fingers that can transfer bacteria into the product.  This type of packaging keeps ingredients fresh longer since only the amount you need is pumped out and exposed to the elements.   Graydon Skincare contains bioactive (having an effect on the skin) ingredients – omega-rich oils and antioxidants – which stay untouched inside the pump for optimal performance.

 Graydon’s must-try products

1)      Face Glow – a primer or illuminator that’s lightly-tinted and can be worn under your makeup or alone.  Infused with mineral mica, it evens out skin tone and redirects light to blur imperfections Ingredients such as seabuckthorn, raspberry and pumpkin feed your skin the nutrients it needs.  It also contains non-nano zinc oxide to give you sun protection 28 times the skin’s own.  The texture is light and non-greasy helping it glide over your skin with ease, so you can reapply without feeling heavy or sticky.  I love this product and the natural dewy look it gives my skin instead of a fake glow created by shimmery highlighters.

2)      Aloe Milk Cleanserit’s fall, so time to switch to a creamier cleanser – I just did! I love the silky texture of this one and the light citrusy scent.  Apricot kernel oil, which is high in vitamin A, helps the skin rebuild tissues and regulate cellular growth.  If you wear conventional mascara, you might need a face cloth to help it come off.  I also love this Konjac facial sponge which I just started using because I got tired of makeup stained facecloths! It also amps up my cleansing routine by giving me a deeper cleanse.

3)      The Putty – I have literally tried everything on my son’s skin to get rid of the dry patches caused by eczema.  It does not matter how much shea butter I slather on his skin before bed; in the morning he’ll wake up with dry skin like I put nothing on him.  After my visit with Graydon, I walked away with a sample of The Putty and the other day I finally tried it on my son’s skin.  To my surprise, the dry patches on his neck and wrists were smooth as butter within minutes after rubbing the cream on.  The Putty is thick and luxurious, but gets instantly absorbed by the skin; a little goes a long way.  Rare and precious essential oils of Helichrysum, Carrot Seed, Tamanu and Buriti, which are known for their healing powers, leave behind a warm pleasant scent.

All opinions used in my articles are my own and that of my clients.  I only recommend products I love on me and my clients.  All Graydon products used and reviewed have been purchased by myself.  I have not been provided with any compensation to write this review.

Message me if you have any questions about Graydon Skincare or anything else green beauty related at all.



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  1. Hi have you had a chance to try the Graydon superfood serum? If so what were your thoughts? Would it be suitable for combination sensitive skin?

    1. Post

      Hi Sandy,

      Yes, I have tried it and it’s a beautiful oil serum blend. I definitely think that all skin types can benefit from an oil serum (especially going into cooler weather) and if you’d like the benefits of turmeric and saffron, which are perfect for sensitive stressed skin, this serum is perfect. So many amazing ingredients in one bottle! If you check out my shop, you’ll find that I have samples available so you can try it on your skin before committing to the full size. Let me know if you have any more questions!

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