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Helena Lane Skincare – Water-free nutrient-rich skin care

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Helena Lane Skincare less-is-more philosophy

Helena Lane’s philosophy of doing less to our skin is unique in the beauty industry.  Beauty brands constantly bombard us with information with the sole focus of selling us more products.  We’ve been made to believe that multiple products will do wonders to our skin, but this is not true.  Helena’s minimalist approach is refreshing because she creates a few, really great products that actually work.  Helena Lane skincare products are made with four or five simple, nutrient-rich, unprocessed, certified organic ingredients in each product, so you know exactly what you’re putting on your skin.  In this review, I will tell you about my favourite Helena Lane skincare products and my first experience with them.

Initially, I purchased the Nourishing Skincare Set , which was a great introduction to the Helena Lane line.  The products in this set really appealed to my the senses: a chamomile mandarin cleanser, rose and frankincense flower water, an argan and neroli moisturizer and an argan and frankincense serum.  The set came in an adorable canister, perfect for travel, and included instructions for use.

Helena Lane oil cleansers

Oil cleansing can be the answer to many of your skincare woes. In the words of Helena, if you “get cleansing right, the rest will fall into place.” This is because oil cleansing will remove makeup and dirt off your face better than anything else.  Oil cleansing won’t strip your skin, irritate it or dry it out like many conventional cleansers.  This makes it an ideal way to cleanse for all skin types.  The Helena Lane Skincare Chamomile Mandarin cleanser has more nourishing ingredients than my previous cleanser and moisturizer combined making it ideal for anyone looking for nutrient-rich skincare.

Chamomile Mandarin cleanser

  • a rich oil cleanser with the texture of creamed honey
  • made with organic unrefined jojoba oil, infused with soothing and cooling calendula and chamomile flowers
  • water-free and very concentrated
  • melts and spreads easily on the skin taking away all traces of grime and makeup
  • safe on the eye area
  • does not need to be followed by a moisturizer

Helena Lane’s flower waters

I’ve always loved flower waters.  Some years back when I worked on film sets,  I always carried rosewater with me on set and everyone would get a misting.  Flower waters have the power to instantly relax you and get your shoulders to drop.  In the summer, a light misting of flower water can instantly cool you down and add hydration to your skin throughout the day.  Helena Lane’s flower waters are the perfect complement for her minimalist skincare. Click here for my video on the different ways you can use a flower water. 

Rose and Frankincense flower water

  • 100% certified organic ingredients: rose hydrosol (rosewater produced by the distillation of rose petals), witch hazel and frankincense essential oil
  • frankincense and rose support skin regeneration and healing
  • ideal after cleansing and after makeup application to give extra hydration to the skin
  • aids in the absorption of your moisturizer and serum
  • builds on Helena’s philosophy of layering oil and water products on the skin

Helena Lane’s Moisturizers and serums

Minimalism in the green beauty industry is huge right now.  Cutting back on products requires more focus on nutrient-dense ingredients and less focus strict skincare regimens. Helena Lane’s moisturizers are nutrient-dense and apply like a dream!

Argan and Neroli moisturizer

  • 100% certified organic ingredients packed with essential fatty acids and vitamins
  • Shea butter, rosehip seed oil and argan oil are infused with essential oils of neroli and mandarin
  • water-less and super-concentrated; a little goes a long way
  • easily absorbed into the skin leaving it plump and hydrated

Serums are essential in any skincare regimen no matter how minimalist! Additionally, oil serums can easily be added to a moisturizer to add extra nutrition when needed.  They are excellent moisturizers and can be used alone or in combination with a face cream. This is definitely my favourite oil serum because I adore argan and frankincense oils.  After a couple of months of using this serum, I noticed the sun spots on my forehead had faded completely.

Argan and Frankincense oil serum

  • 100% certified organic ingredients: argan oil, frankincense and neroli essential oils
  • excellent for fading scars and reducing the appearance of wrinkles
  • can be pressed onto freshly cleansed skin or added to any moisturizer

I’ve used Helena Lane skincare for the past 5 months and my skin has never looked better.  Most importantly, I’ve learned to listen to my skin and don’t feel the need to use all the products unless my skin tells me to. Find Helena Lane’s beautiful minimalist products in my shop.

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