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Iremia Skincare Review

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… a soothing lotion, protective cream and restorative oil for sensitive and reactive skin

Do you suffer from sensitive and reactive skin? Many of us do! As a green beauty expert, I’m always on the lookout for clean products that will solve my clients’ skincare woes.  Sensitive and reactive skin can be difficult to manage even with natural skincare products.  This is because many green and natural brands are not the right fit for sensitive and reactive skin.  Natural ingredients, such as certain essential and citrus oils used by many brands can easily irritate the skin. But, Iremia Skincare is looking to change that.

Iremia Skincare first got my attention because of its name and minimalist branding; Iremia (pronounced eye-ree-mia) is the Greek word for calm, still, tranquil.  As a busy mom, I know I want to put beauty products on my skin that evoke these feelings! Like many busy women, I rarely find time to allow these feelings in during the day.  The best time for me is when I’m alone in the bathroom in the evenings with my skincare and I go through my beauty ritual of removing the day off my face.   It’s during these moments that I slow down, breathe and treat my skin to something clean, simple, and luxurious – products which are made with this intention and encourage self-care and a slower pace are essential for our busy lifestyle and for our skin’s health.

Wisdom from Iremia’s founder

Iremia’s Skincare founder, Elaine, created the line with her own intention – to heal her skin of rosacea and eczema on her sensitive and reactive skin.  She got the inspiration for the name, Iremia, in the small Greek town in Southern Greece where she honeymooned.  At the time, Elaine was living in constant stress and her skin was paying the price. While she searched for solutions to heal her skin’s reaction to her stressful environment, she discovered that the change had to happen in all aspects of her life – mindset, surroundings, and lifestyle paired with calming skin care ingredients.  Iremia Skincare was born with not just her own sensitive skin in mind, but also that of her family’s – a simplified skin care routine to nourish and protect the skin.


Who is Iremia Skincare ideal for?

Iremia Skincare products

The Soothing Lotion

  • light, velvety and ideal for everyday use for those with sensitive and reactive skin
  • formulated with healing and anti-inflammatory ingredients such as shea butter, manuka honey, aloe vera and calendula
  • calms redness and irritation on sensitive, reactive skin.

EcoCert-approved African Mahogany tree bark extract improves skin elasticity and stimulates collagen production to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.  My skin loved this lotion because of its light texture, fast absorption and pleasant, faint scent. It left my skin soft and nourished and on days that it needed a little extra, I mixed a few drops of The Restorative Oil to give it a boost. Click here to buy the Soothing Lotion.

The Protective Cream

  • rich cream with a thick, milky texture created for extremely dry and dehydrated skin
  • formulated with a blend of healing and moisture-rich oils of palmarosa, rose damascena and avocado oils
  • provides an excellent barrier against the elements
  • use a light layer during the day and a thicker layer as a mask before going to bed

You can leave it on overnight and gently remove with a damp face cloth in the morning.  Just like The Soothing Lotion, the scent is gentle and almost non-existent.  I’d recommend this cream in the winter when our skin tends to be drier and needs a barrier against the elements. If your skin feels like this year-round, then this is a must-have product. Click here to buy the Protective Cream.


Iremia Skincare oil and cream in hands

The Restorative Oil

  • ideal for facial use as serum for anyone with dry, aging and undernourished skin
  • packs a punch of omega 3, 6 and 9 essential fatty acids in a blend of 11 botanical oils
  • a few drops can be added to any skin cream to boost its nutrition
  • Jojoba, rosehip, argan and seabuckthorn oils strengthen skin, improve tone, elasticity and the overall skin condition

My dry scalp was also happy after a massage with a few drops of the oil after the shower.  The oil is light in its essential oil ingredients, with a faint scent from a blend of rosa damascena and rose geranium oils.  A good oil is essential in any beauty ritual as a cleanser, a serum and a moisturizer! It can cut down your skin care steps and make it easier to give your skin the nutrition it’s not getting from other products.  I find that oil serums are best used at night when our skin has time to breathe and regenerate.  Give your oil a soothing facial massage to ensure maximum absorption. Click here to buy the Restorative Oil.

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What does stress do to our skin?

Stress is damaging to our mind and body.  The stress hormone cortisol is responsible for inflammation in the body.  As a mom, I witnessed this in my youngest boy when he was two years old and we were undergoing a stressful home renovation.  His eczema flared up and it was the worst I’d seen it.  Elaine explains that the inflammation caused by stress can create symptoms ranging from acne breakouts to dryness, eczema flare-ups, and over time, even deeper signs of aging.

Slow down and nourish your skin

Dealing with inflamed skin can easily become a full-time job.  It can further cause anxiety as we struggle to understand and treat our skin’s reactions.  As a green beauty expert and a minimalist at heart, my philosophy with skin care rituals is that they need to be simple yet effective.  Application of a beautifully-made, natural product can encourage a slower, calmer sensory experience – a few moments in the day when time stops to nourish our skin but also slow down our mind.

My review of Iremia Skincare reflects my own opinions and beliefs in a simple yet effective skin care ritual that’s beneficial for sensitive and reactive skin.

If you decide to click and buy using the links above, I’ll collect a small commission which allows me to keep buying and reviewing clean, Canadian skin care products.  Thank you for your support with what I do.  Click here to see my other reviews of your favourite Canadian brands! I’m looking forward to hearing about your experience with Iremia Skincare and if you have any questions, please reach out!

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