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Pure Anada – Canada’s natural makeup brand

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Do you have a makeup brand you trust for getting the job done and being good for your skin? It seems that satisfying these two needs is essential for most consumers as well as skincare and makeup companies.  As a makeup artist, it’s essential to me that the product does what I want it to do.  I want the pigment in the shadows, the hydration in the lipsticks and the nourishing ingredients in the foundations.  I believe I found all this and more in Pure Anada.  Turning 40 last fall, has shifted my focus in what I’m looking for in makeup – I want the good stuff on my skin; a type of a skincare-makeup hybrid.  I don’t think that’s too much to ask and it seems that the cosmetics industry in looking in that direction, too.

Love at first touch

I came across Pure Anada a few months ago while researching Canadian brands for my online store.  Pure Anada was the first Canadian full-range natural skincare and makeup company that I came across that uses natural beneficial ingredients.  I was impressed and immediately had to order a sample pack.  Pure Anada truly does it all – from makeup to skincare – and they do it with soul! For example, the shea butter used in their products comes from a women’s co-op in West Africa.  The mica used in their mineral powder products is mined in India without the use of child labour.  As a consumer, the values of the people behind the brands I choose to support are important and Pure Anada has theirs in check.  Their line is extensive, ranging from makeup to skincare to nail polish.  I’ve many of their products and I haven’t been disappointed yet! However, my three favourite products are their pressed mineral eyeshadows , Petal Perfect lipsticks and tinted moisturizers.

Pure Anada Silky mineral eye shadows

Eye shadows are important because we demand a lot from them.  They have to be easy to apply, stay put and come in a beautiful range of colours to satisfy all tastes.  Pure Anada eye shadows are mineral pigments blended with jojoba oil to create beautiful silky eye shadow textures.  In two finishes, demi-matte and matte, these eye shadows can satisfy both your daytime and evening looks.  One of my favourites is Pewter – a demi-matte deep silver with brown undertones. This shade can create a beautiful daytime-appropriate smokey eye or be placed on top of black eye pencil to set and give depth.  I absolutely love the silky finish and the way it makes my green eyes pop. Pure Anada’s pressed eyeshadows are magnetic, so you can easily pop them in one of their magnetic palettes and throw in your purse – now that’s smart, convenient and less wasteful for the environment.

Petal soft lips

Lipstick is one of the most popular makeup products and it’s definitely one that women reach for most often.  It’s quick and easy to apply and it can instantly dress up your face.  There has been much chatter online about how much lipstick the average woman consumes over their lifetime, so it’s important to pay attention to your lipstick’s ingredients. At some point you will be eating the stuff!  The numbers listed online are shocking but regardless of whether they’re true or not, I’d like to choose a brand that I can feel good putting on my lips.  Pure Anada’s lipsticks are not made with dyes, silicones or artificial flavours.  They make their lipsticks with 100% organic and mineral ingredients instead.  Glimmering minerals ensure the beautiful shine and rosehip oil ensures rich moisture. Simple as that.

Dewy and evened out skin

Available in five shades, Pure Anada’s Tinted moisturizers are a dreamy blend of pomegranate, rosehip and geranium oils. These oils are rich in antioxidants and perfect for those of us over 35 who want sheer coverage with the added benefits of an anti-aging skincare product. Often the makeup industry focuses on a glow on the skin which comes from shimmery highlighting powders.  This often looks artificial.  However, Pure Anada’s tinted moisturizers offer a glow on the skin that comes from the blend of beneficial oils in their ingredients. It’s just enough and looks beautiful on everyone!

This is what three of my clients said about the Pure Anada Sheer Tinted Moisturizers.


“I love how it gives me smooth, even coverage and leaves my skin feeling so soft.” Julia S, Toronto, ON

“Best tinted moisturizer I’ve ever used! It makes me glow and doesn’t wreck my sensitive skin like everything else I’ve tried.  Actually, it seems to leave it looking better than before even after I take it off!” Dani Z, Toronto, ON

“I love the Tinted Moisturizer by Pure Anada! It is lightweight with great coverage for someone with oily skin and my skin looks and feels better after using it the past two months.” Shireen C, Victoria, BC.

Clean products that won’t break the bank

If you’re looking for an affordable clean makeup brand, Pure Anada is definitely worth checking out.  I have a lot of clients asking me for Canadian, natural makeup brands.  Although there are a few great ones out there, I feel that Pure Anada has a great range of products which are affordable if you’ve been thinking of making the switch to a cleaner brand.

All opinions used in my article are my own and that of my clients.  I only recommend products I’ve tried and love on me and my clients.  All Pure Anada products used and reviewed were purchased by myself and later added to my shop.

Message me if you have any questions about the brand or anything else green beauty related at all.



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  1. I recently purchased Pure Anada eye shadow, brow pencil, tinted moisturizer, mascara, lip/cheek tint and brush set…wow! This is the most excellent makeup, and I loved the brush set.The prices are more than reasonable. I am a little older so Maria showed me how to tastefully wear the makeup in my consultation. I would highly recommend these products. Thank you….a happy customer.

    1. Post

      I’m so happy that you love your Pure Anada purchases! Please let me know if I can help you with your products in any other way.

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