Subscription Box REVIEW – Find Your 40!

** Note** This is a subscription box review of Find Your 40 box by Clean Kiss Lifestyle, a natural skincare and personal product company from Oakville, Ontario.

This box was gifted to me, but I love the fact that everything inside this subscription box is useful and consumable.  It also caters to my needs as a woman over 40. Subscription boxes which arrive monthly can be wasteful – who needs stuff or product delivered once a month anyway? 

As always, this subscription box review features my own opinions. I only support brands that resonate with my beauty beliefs and green beauty mission.

Holiday 2020 - Find Your 40 Box - Clean Kiss

Subscription Box Review for Find Your 40

Hi, Everyone. My name is Maria. Welcome back to my channel. I’m a makeup artist and a green beauty expert. And I usually come on here a few times a month to offer you product tapes, reviews, and other skincare information that I think that you are going to benefit from today. I’m going to talk about subscription boxes.

I’m not a subscriber to any boxes myself. But I was gifted this beautiful box, which I’m going to review today. Now, the reason that I don’t subscribe to any boxes, is that the ones that I’ve seen out there, I think just contain a lot of stuff that I wouldn’t use every month. So I’m not into getting a lot of products every month.

And as someone who runs their own online shop and has its own vendors for skincare and makeup, I have a lot of stuff already that I love talking about and using, but as with all my other videos, I never use. Or support something that doesn’t resonate with me. I am going to be turning 44 this weekend.

So my skin needs might not be the same as yours. However, everything that I always provide is honest and I offer tips on kind of simplifying your beauty routine. And kind of getting everything to work in a way that is not overwhelming. So we’re going to get to their review in a minute, but if you like what you see here today, please subscribe to my channel and hit the little bell so you can get notified the next time I post a video.

Unboxing the Subscription Box

So let’s get to it. Okay, everyone. So this subscription box that I’m talking about is made by Clean Kiss, which is a clean, personal product and a skincare company from outside of Toronto. Now they have created a subscription box, which I was lucky enough to get my hands on. So this is called find your forties, find your fabulous or find your 40, I guess.

Okay. Find your fabulous. Now as someone who is in her forties, I can definitely attest to that. I don’t find that a lot of subscription boxes cater to women over 40. A lot of the products sometimes can be young, and catered to a younger market, or they can be just kind of like random products. So what I really love is the fact that this subscription box caters to the needs of the skin.

If you’re, you know, 35, 40 and up, I think you would love something like this. So, the boxes are also going to be catered to your needs every four months. So this is the full box that I have here right now. These are in limited quantity. So if you like, what, what you see here today, you know, go grab your box.

The Deodorant

Again, the company’s clean cause. Okay. So the products that are inside are definitely something that you would love to use every single day clean case is known for their deodorants. So, you get a full-size deodorant. This comes in a glass jar. It has a stainless steel lid. Or metal lid. Okay. Metal lid.

And the scent on this is the lavender peppermint. Okay. Now, these deodorant does have baking soda. So keep that in mind, if you are sensitive to that, but it’s smells amazing, a beautiful balance of the lavender and the mint, very invigorating, and it would smell very, very fresh on. So, I just got this and I’m just very excited to be going through.

Hand Sanitizer

The other thing you get, which is very on par with what’s happening in the world right now is a per size of a hand sanitizer. And this is in, I love, I love Vera and essential oils and you know, it’s perfect to keep in your purse. You need to have these on hand all the time now. So I really love the small size and I also love the fact that it is refillable, because if you do get a bigger bottle, hand sanitizer, you can actually refill it.

Sustainable Toothbrush

So that’s very handy. Now, the other thing that you get is a sustainable toothbrush. This comes with our charcoal, Brussels, and the lovely bamboo handle. Now. Toothbrushes should be changed frequently, but I know for myself, I feel bad throwing out, my toothbrush, I usually use a mechanical toothbrush and, even, you know, the bristle heads, like throwing that out, I have to think about it, you know, if your times, so, amazing.

If you want to be switching to something like this, and you’ll be getting a new one every four months. So you don’t actually have to think about it. You’ll get a replacement and you can just toss the old one out without feeling too guilty. So very, very handy. And now. Two of the products here that are for the skin.

Skin Care Products

Okay. So clean case makes beautiful products as well for the skin. And as I mentioned before, if you are in your late thirties or in your forties, your skin can actually have completely different needs, especially in the fall when the weather starts to get cooler. So what I love is that you get the kiss me every day.

This is an everyday moisturizer. It’s a moisturizing cream. And, I love the ingredients in this. You apply it, you know, in the daytime on cleanse skin, but it contains camomile water. Now, this is their first ingredient and, you know, it’s kind of rare to find that I haven’t found another moisturizer that has called my water as their first ingredient.

It smells fantastic. And as you can see, I’ve made a little dip in here just to test it out. And, the texture is fantastic on this product. It also contains raspberry seed oil. Shea butter who hold by seed. It has some of my favorite, moisturizing ingredients, especially for my skin. So. The other ingredients that it has that are really loving there is the mango seed butter.

I love more strategies with mango seed butter, because I find that it’s rich, but it’s really easily absorbed. So, you know, it doesn’t leave any, you know, craziness on your skin and it smells lovely. Now, if you find that your skin needs something a little bit extra in the fall, You can go in with an oil serum.

Rosehip Facial Serum

Okay. And this is usually one of my recommendations for the fall. I love that it has this, you know, you know, if you can see that little measurement on the site here, the tear dropper. And this is the Rosehip facial serum, and it’s called kiss me, you fool. All right. So this is a blend of Rosehip and other plant oils to protect repair, brighten, and smooth skin.

So let’s say you applied your daytime moisturizer and you found that as the temperatures drop outside, it’s not enough for your skin. You would just add. A couple of drops of your oil serum. You can massage it between your hands, warm it up, and then just massage it on top of your moisturizer. Okay. And that really kind of seals everything in and prepares your skin.

Oh, it’s most lovely prepares your skin to step outside for texture from the elements and from those colder temperatures.

Now the other thing that I love, so Jodi, who is the founder and creator of the Clean Kiss. And of course, it’s fabulous. Find Your 40 box has also included, another product, which she is vowing to support in every box, a BIPOC business.

Soap Product with a Cause

So for the full box, the business is to reward your skin. This soap company is from Vancouver, BC. And they make these beautiful handcrafted soaps. And this one here smells like a full day or it smells like maybe it smells like you’ve been doing some baking. So think of all those warm spices, the cinnamon, the nutmeg.

Oh, it’s so amazing. And it comes with this little soap saver so you can pop it inside and hang it up. In the shower or use the soap saver as a scrubby to exfoliate your skin, get rid of that dry skin, and then going in with a nice luxurious body cream or body butter. Now every box is going to include a surprise item.

Surprise Item for Fall

And for the fall it is this beautiful scarf. I absolutely love mine. It comes in a couple of different shades. There are only a hundred of these boxes. So, you know, of course. You might be more limited to what you can get depending on how many boxes are left, but this is a hundred percent cotton. It is so soft and it’s perfect to layer, you know, with the denim jacket on these, you know, slightly cooler days here.

Now we looked over, and I just, I love scarves. I don’t wear too, too many accessories, but scarves are definitely something that I don’t go outside. You know, from the fall all the way into the spring. Okay.

Protein Powder

Included also in the box is these sample side size over protein powder. This is A-plus Moody’s and this is a Styrian pumpkin seed protein powder.

So you mix a couple of tablespoons in your favorite smoothie or on your yogurt. This is also made in Canada. Like, I love this. I start my day with a smoothie all the time. So the box is just such a fantastic idea. All right. So you can subscribe to it. Then you will be delivered to you four times a year, which I think is really reasonable for finishing a moisturizer or, a deodorant.

The Cost

The box is valued at over $200, but you get it for $75. So I think that is really a fantastic deal. You know, products like this that I, that kind of are consumed daily are really, really easy to get on, you know, to kind of support, to support a box that it’s going to come to you.

And you don’t have to think about, you know, replenishing your moisturizer or going out and buying another. Do you order range when you run out? And I also love the title, Jodi supporting a black indigenous business every month. And also the fact that there is a surprise item that, you know, as I went in my, in my forties, I seriously want something useful, like try to, to lead a minimalist lifestyle.

Final Thoughts of the Subscription Box

I don’t want to just accumulate stuff. The scarf is a lovely idea. I think even if you didn’t need it yourself and let’s say you had hundreds of scarves, you can definitely, yeah. Pass it onto someone else. I love supporting female-owned businesses. This here today is Clean Kiss. Go check them out on Instagram at Clean Kiss Lifestyle.

Also, the box now has its own account. It’s at Find Your 40 box on Instagram as well. All right. So if you like what you see here today? Please give me a thumbs up, like my video, and subscribe to my channel. I would truly appreciate it. Have a fantastic day. Everyone, I’ll catch you next time.


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