How many skin care products do you really need?

How many skincare products do you need? Now, that’s a good question! A recent beauty article from a distinguished magazine stated that our skin only needs a “good” cleanser, moisturizer and SPF to thrive. I agree that these three products are the workhorses of our skin care, but I think answering the above question is a bit more complicated for some of us. Understanding our skin and what it faces daily, can shed some light on what it needs.

Oil Serums vs. Water serums explained!

Oil Serums vs. Water serums explained! What’s the difference between oil serums and water serums? I often hear my clients talk about how they love one over the other.  In reality, our skin needs both.  Oil serums are made from plant oils such as argan, jojoba, rosehip and so on.  Check out my blog post about 5 oils that benefit your skin to help you choose the best one for your skin! Oils contain essential fatty acids which nourish and moisturize our skin.  On the other hand, water serums are made with plant-based hyaluronic acid (make sure yours is plant-based) …