Korean woman beauty

What can we learn from K-Beauty rituals?

K-Beauty, by definition, is an umbrella term for skincare products and rituals that are derived from South Korea. As someone who lived in South Korea for four years in my teaching days, I can tell you that beauty over there is visible and felt. In  Korea, something as simple as showering after the gym becomes a little luxury. Most of us here at home would take a towel, soap, and lotion to the shower and off we’d go. Korean women shower with a carton of milk – meaning they rinse their bodies with milk as their final rinse – this …

Oil Cleansing – Your 1-Step Skincare Ritual!

Oil cleansing is the most efficient way to clean your skin.  It removes all traces of makeup, grime and dirt off the skin without stripping it by being too harsh.  It also does not need to be followed by a moisturizer – not all the time anyways.  The oil cleanser can often be moisturizing enough, so you don’t have to follow it with anything else. Shop my for my favourite oil cleansers in my shop.