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What’s with the Fake Glow?

Have you ever wondered why “the glow trend” in beauty is so strong? Glowing makeup products and skin are everywhere these days and the fact that its summertime doesn’t seem to matter. I always thought skin naturally glows in the summer, but that’s just me.  The “glow” fever I’m talking about goes beyond your basic highlighting powder and bronzer. It’s the entire face – forehead, bow of lips, chin, cheekbones. This is created through strobing (illuminating strategic spots on your face to give your skin a bright and healthy look), and highlighting and contouring to change the face’s appearance – to create poutier lips, a defined nose bridge, a stronger chin, the appearance of healthy skin.   A natural-looking glow on the skin is a good thing; however, a “fake glow” has never been my favorite. 

Fake Glow

What is wrong with a “Fake Glow”?

The procedure alone is exhausting!  The skin is prepped – through various moisturizers and serums – to achieve this dewy, almost wet look before one starts to layer on their makeup.  A setting spray can be used in the end to enhance the dewiness along with highlighting creams and powders – everywhere! The brow bone, on top of the brow bone, corners of the eyes – not sure I can keep all the face parts straight.  Yes, you’re bathing in the stuff.  Who is to blame? Of course, celebrities like Kim Kardashian, the ultimate glow queen, have popularized these trends. It seems like a lot of us want to have her glow. However, the numerous highlighting products come at a cost both in dollars and toxic ingredients applied to the skin.

The palettes used for strobing, highlighting, and contouring are beautiful but can get pricey ($50 and up) – and you haven’t even added any color to your face yet.  Additionally, many highlighting powders contain talc, silicones, dyes derived from petrochemicals, texture enhancers, and the list goes on.  I can appreciate the process of highlighting/contouring/strobing/bronzing (HCSB – my acronym for future use!) when one is in front of the lens to create “that” desired look, but I do think it’s a bit ridiculous putting all this on your face daily.  For a special occasion, well, that’s another matter.

Woman with glowing makeup

What do I do to get a real glow on my skin?

The next time you look at one of these perfectly HCSB celebrity pictures or watch videos on YouTube and decide you want that “fake” glow, just give yourself a little slap on the cheek (that’ll get you a beautiful flush of color) and think of the numerous ways you can get a REAL glow:

  1. Drink an adequate amount of water every day
  2. Go for a brisk walk outside or get your sweat on with a YouTube video.
  3. Use beneficial skincare with SPF to hydrate and protect your skin against the elements.
  4. Apply an oil serum which contains moisturizing, anti-aging ingredients
  5. Eat REAL food; the kind that does NOT come in a box! Here’s a personal recipe for nourishing the skin from the inside out
  6. Make a little love with your hot someone. Now, that’s what I call a natural flush!

If you cannot make time for any of the above, get yourself a light, mineral-based glow powder, mix it with a bit of your foundation or day cream, and apply it to your face.  Voila! Instant shimmery skin + beneficial ingredients.  You can also keep a bottle of your favorite spritz toner in your purse and spray your face throughout the day. It’ll give you instant hydration from dry environmental conditions plus dewiness, not to mention it’ll invigorate you.

With that, my friend, a real glow, is better than any “fake glow”!

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