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Wildcraft – Simplicity in skin care is a beautiful thing

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As a green beauty expert, I often come across a green, local brand that I love in its entirety. Wildcraft is one of those brands that makes my minimalist heart sing. Made in small batches in Toronto, Wildcraft creates skincare with simple ingredients in beautiful glass packaging. The company’s collection is not massive; it’s in fact very carefully created. I like the simplicity of the ingredients and the fact that the line does not overwhelm with a multitude of products. Here are the top three reasons I love this local, green brand.

1) Simple ingredients
There’s something to be said about simple ingredients. There’s beauty to reading and understanding a label and getting excited about what you just read. There are so many products out there with complicated, 20+ ingredients list. As a green beauty expert and consumer who’s very interested in ingredient lists, I know I stop reading after the first 10 ingredients. It sometimes makes me wonder if a product is better for containing all those ingredients and if our skin can take all that in.

Wildcraft’s Cleansing Oil , is made with only 6 ingredients: marshmallow root infused sunflower oil, jojoba oil, olive oil, flax oil, essential oils of lavender, frankincense and tea tree, and rosemary leaf extract. That’s it! It’s amazing when we can understand exactly what we’re putting on our skin! My heart sings when I read a list of wholesome ingredients. Wildcraft’s cleansing oil comes in a generous 100ml bottle and it’s very affordable at $28. If you haven’t tried oil cleansing, I highly recommend it especially during the year’s cooler months! It’s intensively moisturizing and easily removes grime, dirt and makeup with little effort. If you want to learn more about which oils are right for your purpose, check out my past blog on this topic.

2) Reusable/recyclable packaging
There are a lot of different types of packaging when it comes to facial creams. Pumps, airless pumps, plastic jars and tubs, and then there’s glass packaging.

There is something very luxurious about having pretty glass jars lined up on your vanity – the look of them, the feel of them and of course the fact that they store luxurious products. Wildcraft’s Geranium Orange Blossom cream is pure luxury for the skin. Made with 8 nourishing ingredients – orange flower water, calendula infused sunflower oil, aloe vera juice, avocado oil, rosehip oil, beeswax, vitamin E oil and geranium essential oil – it’s ideal for dry and aging skin (yes, if you’re over 35 that’s you too!). My skin absolutely loves it in the winter. Although it’s rich in texture, it absorbs without leaving a greasy residue. I recommend this product for evening use as it might not have enough time to absorb before makeup application or before you run out the door. Use a clean plastic spatula or a cotton swab to remove the small amount of product and apply on damp skin to optimize absorption. On the days the product feels too rich, thin it down with a couple of sprays of Wildcraft’s geranium orange blossom toner.

Glass packaging is all class, plus it can be reused or recycled when you’re done with it. Stores like Eco & Amour in Toronto offer refill options for a variety of products; your Wildcraft glass jars could be washed and refilled with another beauty product or repurpose them at home for your own needs. As a green beauty expert, one of my goals is to bring you brands that offer alternatives to disposing or even recycling. I hope that Wildcraft will offer refill options of their lovely products in the future.

3) Easy to use products
Gone are the days that we were sold 5-6 product sets and were told to use them in order all the time. Green beauty is about finding those few products that you love and making them work for your lifestyle and with your skin’s needs.
An oil cleanser can be enough to cleanse and moisturize the skin in the summer but might need to be layered with a serum and moisturizer in the winter. Using one product that delivers in its ingredients, can truly simplify your skin care regimen. Shopping for green beauty should not be mind-boggling because there are too many products to choose from; it should be an easy and enjoyable experience.
Wildcraft’s products offer plenty of options for your skin’s needs without overwhelming, but still offer the luxury of the ingredients your skin craves.
– A rich oil cleanser vs. a lighter witch hazel and aloe vera juice makeup remover
– A rich anti-aging geranium orange blossom moisturizer vs. the bergamot rose moisturizer for oily and acne prone skin
– Two heavenly flower toners that match the moisturizers above
– One beautiful serum to nourish all skin types
– One simple-to-use scrub for polishing and clearing congested skin

Wildcraft also offers several luxurious body products: a body oil and a body cream. I’ve tried both and they’re a treat for the body after stepping out of the shower, especially because our busy lives don’t allow for the luxury for long showers.
If you’re interested in trying Wildcraft’s products, take 15% off your first order on me 😊

Enjoy these simply luxurious, local products and message me if you have any questions!

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