What my mom taught me about beauty

My mother’s iconic 80s green eye shadow

In honour of Mother’s Day, I’m writing about my mom and the beauty product she used that started my obsession with makeup  – a shimmery peacock green eye shadow.

As a little girl, I was fascinated by my mother getting ready to go out.  It didn’t matter if she was just running to the store or to work, she always looked like a million bucks.  She had all three of us girls before she turned 30, so I still remember the whistles from passing cars – typical of Mediterranean countries – as she walked down the street with us in tow.

In the mornings, I would perch myself on the edge of the bathtub and watch her as she cleansed her face with her Lancome skincare, which back then still came in elegant glass bottles.  Then, she would apply a vibrant green colour to her eyelids, mascara and a orangey-red lip colour.  My mom’s brown eyes popped with that green eye shadow.  I thought the colour was so pretty, and it looked beautiful on her.  How did she pull that bright shade off? One word. Confidence. And…green rocked in the 80s!

It’s ok to take care of your beauty needs

My mom taught me something very valuable about beauty – the ritual of taking care of my skin.  She taught me that it was ok to take a bit of time in front of the mirror and not be afraid to wear colour.  I attribute my fascination with beauty to my first experiences with my mother in front of the mirror sharing her beauty ritual with me. My mother is a bit more of a minimalist now when it comes to makeup – no more green eye shadow – but her iconic 80s look will be in my mind forever.   In makeup school, I learned which colours brought out the best in my green eyes.  Unfortunately green wasn’t one of them.   Although, I can wear a vibrant green shade if I wanted to, it’ll never look as good on me as it would on a brunette.

What eye shadow shade will bring out your eyes?

There are many eye shadow colours to choose from, but not all shades will enhance your eye colour.  I’m sharing an image with you from Beautybay.com on the right shades to wear in order to intensify your eye colour.  An easy rule of thumb is that if your eyes are a warm colour such as brown, you’d look fantastic in cool shades.  Blues, greens and cool purples are best for bringing out brown eyes.   If your eyes are cool (blue or green) stick to the warmer shades.  Stick to golds, coppers, rich metallic browns in order to make your eyes pop.  You can find a variety of silky Pure Anada eye shadows to suit all eye colours in my shop.  I hope you get to try something beautiful this weekend and as always, let me know if you have any questions.

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